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Clear Capital Achieved 7x Performance with Instaclustr Managed Platform

Instaclustr has been instrumental in helping us build out our data-centric platform. Their consulting team did an amazing job in providing specific technical expertise around Apache Kafka and their managed platform provides us with the confidence and reliability we need to continue to grow.

Joshua McKenzie

Instaclustr has been a great partner since they came onboard in 2017. They have helped us through our hyper-growth phase. The migration from self-hosted to managed by Instaclustr was seamless and ever since that migration we have been able to focus on the core aspects of product engineering, without having to worry about infrastructure management.

Ken Izumi

Our whole migration plan with Instaclustr was a brilliant experience and left myself and our engineering teams with a ton of confidence.

Larry Robinson
Clear Capital

We trust Instaclustr as we grow. We have an ongoing partnership with them and they are our partner and reliable teammate to manage reliability at scale.

Sanjeev Jaiswal
Dream 11

Instaclustr has enabled us to get underway quickly, the support team have been there from the beginning helping us to get it right the first time with our schema and architecture.

Richard Wilson
Maths Pathway

Instaclustr has provided us with a managed environment for getting underway quickly with Apache Cassandra and they are delivering excellent support and the expertise necessary to build and scale our application.

Frode Sormo

Instaclustr has played an important behind-the-scenes role in the deployment and operations of the BlackBerry IoT platform. We have relied on Instaclustr’s expertise in managing the operational aspects of our Apache Cassandra NoSQL database environment.

Conrad Seaman

Instaclustr provided just the help we needed at a critical point in our adoption of Cassandra. We view Instaclustr as an important partner for our successful use of Cassandra and look forward to working with them in the future as we ramp up our adoption of this exciting technology.

Cameron Newman
Campaign Monitor

We chose Instaclustr because of their expertise in database management, allowing our engineering team to concentrate on our core business and building the CloudTrax platform.

Andreas Langer

Instaclustr has been instrumental in helping us manage, scale, and optimize our Cassandra deployment, allowing us to focus on delivering a great product to our customers.

Jason Wu

Paidy’s Success Story

Paidy offers real-time monthly consolidated credit services across Japan.
The company worked with Instaclustr to build a scalable platform for their business.