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24×7 expert and dedicated support for open source data technologies
Dedicated Expert Support
  • Experienced Team

    We have a dedicated team of experts in open source data technologies. Our team has extensive experience across a wide range of production customers and a variety of use cases.

  • 24×7 Support

    Instaclustr’s Technical 0perations teams have extensive experience running, operating, and supporting open source software. Our support options give you around the clock access to deep technical support.

  • 315M + Node Hours of Experience

    When you enter a support contract with Instaclustr, you will be leveraging more than 300 million node hours of management and support experience with open source data technologies.

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“Instaclustr has enabled us to get underway quickly, the support team have been there from the beginning helping us to get it right the first time with our schema and architecture.”
—Richard Wilson, Co-Founder, Maths Pathway
Support for Open Source
  • PostgreSQL

    PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system that can satisfy many use cases. Instaclustr offers 24×7 expert support for PostgreSQL and related data infrastructure.

  • Apache Kafka

    We have a dedicated team of Kafka experts that provide support for our managed Kafka service (and customers’ on-prem deployments). Our team has extensive experience across a wide range of production customers and a variety of use cases.

  • OpenSearch

    When you enter a support contract for OpenSearch, you are leveraging Instaclustr’s deep expertise with OpenSearch deployments and our experience managing tens of millions of node hours across all the major cloud providers.

  • Apache Cassandra

    Cassandra support when and where you need it. If you need to manage your own Cassandra cluster, the same dedicated experts that run our Cassandra managed service are also on-call to provide 24×7 expert technical support.

  • Apache Spark

    Apache Spark is a critical part of your AI data engineering pipeline, but it can be difficult to architect, deploy, and manage efficiently. Misconfiguration of security settings can expose applications to potential threats. Get the expert support for Apache Spark with Instaclustr by NetApp.

  • Redis

    Receive prompt and definitive technical support and advice from our technical operations and support staff around the globe who are available to you at all times. Instaclustr has Redis experts on staff capable of solving any issue.

  • Cadence

    Expert support and advice from our 24x7 technical operations and support staff. Instaclustr has Cadence experts who are capable of solving any issue.

Guaranteed SLAs

Our expert technical operations team provides both managed as well as enterprise support options. We have strict SLAs that ensures we deliver optimal operational support response times, providing you with unparalleled access to our extensive open source expertise.

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