Support Inclusions

Effective Date: 5 July 2023


Managed Services


At Instaclustr, we pride ourselves on providing a high level of support to allow you to run the most business-critical workloads with confidence. The following provides a summary of our support scope. Flexibility and doing what is needed to ensure performance and availability of customers’ clusters is a hallmark of our Support team. For full details of support terms and conditions please refer to the documents available here. 

  • 24x7x365 Expert Support: We provide around the clock expert support in English with an initial response time as defined in the table below for customers contacting us via our self-service portal (our preferred method) or emailing us at [email protected]. You can also use the live chat at to ask for assistance, but please note that our live chat is only monitored 24 hours per day during workdays. We may be able to provide support in other languages; please contact us to find out more. 
  • Instaclustr Console and API Access: Customers may securely manage their Instaclustr services and resources through the Instaclustr console and API. Customers can view detailed live and historical performance metrics, change firewall rules, expand a cluster, and add and delete clusters. 
  • Technical Documentation: Instaclustr provides access to technical documentation and guides to assist customers in maximizing the value of their Instaclustr service. Technical documentation and guides are published and available through our support portal. 
  • Security Reviews and Fixes: In addition to performing security reviews of our features before they are implemented, we perform regular scans and tests of our environment. Any issues that arise from the scans are resolved as soon as practical. More detail on our security program can be found here: 
  • Baseline Maintenance: Instaclustr ensures our clusters are running a recent, stable version of the core technology (Cassandra, Spark, Kafka, etc.) and underlying operating system with the latest version of our monitoring software. We will advise of any upgrade to the version before changing the existing configuration.  
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup (as applicable to the relevant service): We provide backup and disaster recovery services for all our offerings. However, the extent of disaster recovery and data backups available differs depending on the offering. Please refer to the documents available here for details on backup and recovery approach per offering.  
Support ServiceBasicBaselineEnhancedPremier


Applicable for all non-production clusters.

Applicable for all production  clusters.

Applicable for all production clusters, where total customer spend for the previous calendar month was: 
Run-In-Instaclustr-Account between 3,000 USD and 17,000 USD per month, or 
Run-In-Your-Own-Account between 2,500 USD and 10,000 USD per month
Applicable for all production clusters, where total customer spend for the previous calendar month was: 
Run-In-Instaclustr-Account larger than 17,000 USD per month, or 
Run-In-Your-Own-Account larger than 10,000 USD per month  

Initial Response Time

Best Effort

20 Minutes

15 Minutes

10 Minutes

Health and Performance Monitoring


Extended Maintenance




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Direct Access to Assigned Account Executive