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Professional services to help our customers investigate, design, deploy and evaluate their solutions.


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Seasoned consulting experts with hands-on Apache Cassandra and Apache Spark architecture and operations experience.

Our methodology

Apache Cassandra Consulting packages by instaclustr

Designed for organizations investigating the adoption of Apache Cassandra, or for those about to start on their first implementation. This consulting effort will provide you with the information you need to start on the right path with access to genuine expertize and a development Apache Cassandra cluster.

This consulting package helps our customers through the development of both the application and infrastructure requirements for their intended solution.  This package includes review of the intended data model to ensure suitability and efficiency.

For those customers looking for confidence that their Cassandra database will scale predictably to meet their future needs. Our consulting team will ensure that your application is reviewed and tested based on Cassandra specific techniques and Instaclustr’s extensive Cassandra consulting experience to provide the highest levels of assurance for future scalability.

Our health-check review provides an independent assessment of your operational environment to identify risk, issues and opportunities for improvement, providing:

  • increased surety that your cluster will cope with future demand;
  • opportunities for improved performance and reliability and;
  • potential reductions in infrastructure spend.

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