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Migrating To OpenSearch: A Step By Step Approach

Migrating To OpenSearch: A Step By Step Approach

About This Workshop

Is your organization currently using Elasticsearch for its excellent search and analytics capabilities but looking to migrate to OpenSearch which is a truly open source and free alternative to Elasticsearch? If yes, then you might be overwhelmed by many questions – What upgrade options are available to me? What would be my upgrade path and steps? How long will the downtime be? Is my data going to be safely migrated? How do I ensure that my applications and clients are compatible with OpenSearch? Can I migrate my dashboards from Kibana?

Currently, no guide exists that can answer some of these common questions. As such we have put together a webinar to address your concerns on migration so that you are informed and confident about the migration process. In this webinar we will address:

  • Elasticsearch to OpenSearch migration options and their pros and cons
  • Factors to consider before migrating to OpenSearch
  • Recommended migration path
  • Detailed migration steps and migration walkthrough

Who should attend
This webinar will answer some of the common questions about Elasticsearch to OpenSearch migration and will provide recommended approaches and step by step instructions for migration. Following individuals will benefit from the webinar:

  • CTO / Business leaders
  • VP of Data or Infrastructure
  • Director of Data Platforms
  • Data Engineers


Seth Muthukaruppan
Solutions Engineer

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