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Support Policy

Effective Date: 17-MAY-2018




Instaclustr provides support services to maximize availability and performance of clusters under our management.

Instaclustr can also provide additional services on a “fee for service” basis.

This policy enumerates the services that are included under the standard service contract and provides examples of those that are covered as “fee for service”.


Instaclustr offers tiered support based on the Instaclustr products purchased and their support requirements.  Customers can upgrade their support package by increasing the size of their cluster, or adding a support package. The default service levels are:


The specific support capabilities and service levels associated with each level of support are described in the following table.

Support serviceBasicBaselineEnhancedPremier
DefinitionAny cluster on a “Developer” plan regardless of other clusters that are running in an account.Baseline level support for all production customers who do not qualify for higher levelsCustomers who have between 6 and 30 TB of raw disk space across their Instaclustr managed production clusters.Customers with over 30 TB of raw disk space across their Instaclustr managed production clusters
Service desk
Initial response timeBest Effort30 Minutes20 Minutes10 Minutes
Communication methodsEmail, Web and Chat1Email, Web and Chat1Email, Web and Chat1Email, Web, Chat1
Health and performance monitoringreduced
Baseline maintenance2
Instaclustr Console access
Disaster recovery data backup
Technical documentation
Extended maintenance
Named contacts12525
Direct access to assigned account executive
Additional Support Included “fee for service” hours33 hours / month10 hours / month

1 – Live chat is available 24 hours on business days.
2 – By default, we replace development class clusters without attempting to recover the existing cluster. This may result in data loss.
3 – Allocated time expires at the end of each month.


Service Desk

All support channels are monitored 24×7×365 with initial response times as per the relevant support plan.

You can reach us by any of methods below:

Access methodDescription
EmailEmail to [email protected]
WebSelf-service portal at
ChatLive chat at and integrated in the Instaclustr management console

24×7×365 support is currently provided in English. “On notice” support is provided in Spanish, French, Dutch, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia, and Japanese.

Support tickets are assigned a severity level that helps us prioritise issues for remediation. Urgent and High priority issues are worked on 24×7 until they are resolved. Normal and Low priority issues are resolved during the working hours of the assigned support team member.

Severity levelClassificationDescription
1UrgentTotal cluster outage or an outage having a significant impact on a customer’s business.A vulnerability that is currently impacting the confidentiality, integrity or availability of customer data.
2HighAn event causing degradation of a customer’s Instaclustr service with a moderate impact on a customer’s business.Proposed maintenance that, if not performed in a timely manner, will cause degradation of a customer’s Instaclustr service with a moderate impact on a customer’s business.An unmitigated vulnerability with an identified exploit that would impact the confidentiality, integrity or availability of customer data.
3NormalAn incident with effects that are inconvenient though not impacting a customer’s business.A vulnerability, without an identified exploit, that materially increases the risk of impact to the confidentiality, integrity or availability of customer data.
4LowRequests for information or planned changes.

Health and Performance Monitoring

We actively monitor health and performance benchmarks for all our clusters to provide early detection and remediation of problems with a cluster. Where issues are identified, we will raise a support ticket on our customer’s behalf.

Baseline Maintenance

Instaclustr ensures our clusters are running a recent, stable version of the core technology (Cassandra, Spark, Kafka, etc.) and underlying operating system, with the latest version of our monitoring software. We will advise of any upgrade of the version prior to changing the existing configuration. Customers may request that Instaclustr defer an upgrade by up to three months of the proposed date.

Instaclustr performs proactive automated maintenance activities using our in-house maintenance tools.

Instaclustr Console Access

Customers may securely manage their Instaclustr services and resources through the Instaclustr console.  Customers can view detailed live and historical performance metrics, change firewall rules, expand a cluster, and add and delete clusters.

Disaster Recovery Data Backup

Cassandra provides exceptional fault tolerance, particularly when key spaces are configured in line with our configuration guidelines. In most of our clusters, even the complete failure of a node causes only a temporary degradation cluster performance while the replacement node catches up with the rest of the cluster.

To provide resilience in the case of complete cluster failure, Instaclustr performs a daily backup of customer data in all our managed clusters to long-term storage.  This backup is for disaster recovery purposes only and can be up to 24 hours old. We retain backups for 7 days. We may apply processing charges if a customer requires recovery of data from long-term data stores depending on the reason for the restore.

No backup services are provided for Kafka as best practice is to rely on Kafka’s native replication.

Technical Documentation

Instaclustr provides access to technical documentation and guides to assist customers in maximizing the value of their Instaclustr service.  Technical documentation and guides are published and available through our support portal.


Security is at the core of everything we do. In addition to performing security reviews of our features before they are implemented, Instaclustr performs regular scans and tests of our environment. Any issues that arise from the scans are resolved as soon as practical. More detail on our security program can be found here:

Extended Maintenance

Extended Maintenance includes our pre-emptive intervention services to ensure clusters are running within expected limits. We allow time for manual intervention to ensure operations such as node cleanup are successful. We also provide initial assessment of and recommended resolution of, high latency, high disk usage, and high CPU Usage events.

Named Contacts

Named contacts are the primary point of contact registered with the Instaclustr support team. They have the right to raise issues within the Instaclustr ticket management system. The Instaclustr support team notifies the support contract address nominated in the Instaclustr console via email where a maintenance issue is identified and for resolution of support tickets.  The Instaclustr support team will advise impacted customers of the anticipated service restoration time associated with any support ticket wherever possible.

Direct access to assigned account executive

Premier support customers will have direct contact details for their Instaclustr account executive during business hours to escalate support issues and raise service concerns.


Instaclustr supports all aspects of deploying Cassandra in the cloud. Some services are one off or require a significant effort on our part. These services are provided on a “fee for service” basis.

Services provided under this arrangement include, but are not limited to:

  • Data import;
  • Data model design and review focused on your application’s requirements;
  • Cluster reconfiguration;
  • Specific cluster performance tuning; and
  • Actions from us to bring your cluster back from a catastrophic failure, including:
    • Actions required due to exhausted disk space;
    • Actions required due to recover from accidental deletion of data by you; and
    • Cluster recovery due to inappropriate data models or configurations.


In spite of our best efforts, we don’t control everything. We rely on you to maintain good cluster health in a number of areas to ensure that we can resolve to your query/issue as quickly as possible:

  1. Maintain node disk usage below requirements for the managed application (see SLA document for details);
  2. Action reasonable requests from Instaclustr support to prevent issues arising;
  3. Ensure that [email protected] is whitelisted in your email service;
  4. You chose a secure password for your Instaclustr account that is commensurate with the sensitivity and value of your data;
  5. Ensure that the logical security within your cluster (e.g. authentication, encryption) is commensurate with the sensitivity and value of your data; and
  6. Where you have specific requirements for backup, security or operations, verify with Instaclustr support that our offerings meet your requirements.
  7. Plan for significant changes on operational load or data volumes in your cluster and provision capacity in anticipation of those loads.

Support is not provided to customers with accounts over 30 days in arrears.