Blogs — September 2019


Feature Releases Technical — Kafka

Monitor the Lag in your Real-Time Applications with the newly introduced Consumer Group Metrics on the Instaclustr Managed Kafka Clusters

Monday 30th September 2019 by Adam Zegelin

We are pleased to announce the support for Consumer Lag monitoring for your Kafka clusters running on the Instaclustr managed platform. Consumer Lag has been one of the most requested metrics from our customers since we have launched our Managed Kafka service just over a year ago. It is one of the key metrics in […]
Consumer Lag Metrics for Kafka Clusters


Instaclustr Provisioning API Demonstration: A Complete End-to-End Example

Monday 23rd September 2019 by Paul Brebner

Overview An end-to-end demonstration of Instaclustr’s Provisioning API for any use case involving automated programmatic cluster provisioning, configuration, discovery, and de-provisioning (or a subset of these operations). 1. Provisioning Provisioning: Supply with food, drink, or equipment, especially for a journey. Provisioning is all about ensuring you have sufficient quantity of provisions (food, drink, etc.) sufficiently […]
Instaclustr Provisioning API Demonstration

Feature Releases Technical — Cassandra Technical — Kafka

Removing Support for Outdated Encryption Mechanisms

Thursday 19th September 2019 by Alwyn Davis

At Instaclustr, security is the foundation of everything we do. We are continually working towards compliance with additional security standards as well as conducting regular risk reviews of our environments. This blog post outlines some technical changes we are making that both increases the security of our managed environment and enables compliance with a wider […]

Feature Releases

Instaclustr Monitoring API Support for Prometheus Integration

Thursday 19th September 2019 by Adam Zegelin

Instaclustr Monitoring API provides integration with  Prometheus for Apache Cassandra and Kafka metrics We are pleased to announce support for the seamless integration of monitoring data from the Instaclustr Managed Platform to the Prometheus monitoring system. The Instaclustr Managed Platform collects and monitors thousands of metrics from your data-layer clusters like Apache Kafka and Apache […]

Feature Releases Technical

Instaclustr Open Service Broker - A Complete End-to-End Example

Wednesday 11th September 2019 by Paul Brebner

Introduction Instaclustr has recently launched the Instaclustr Service Broker, an implementation of the Open Service Broker (OSB) API for Instaclustr managed services (Apache Cassandra, Spark, Zeppelin, and Kafka).   Over a series of blogs I plan to try it out using the following “bottom-up” approach:  get a complete end-to-end Kubernetes workflow working to test and demonstrate […]
Open Service Broker - A complete end to end example


Instaclustr Insights – Meet Anup Shirolkar

Wednesday 4th September 2019 by Instaclustr

Name Anup Shirolkar Role Consultant Location Canberra, Australia   What’s your role at Instaclustr? I provide consulting services to Instaclustr customers – analyzing Cassandra and Kafka deployments for ways to meaningfully improve performance, scalability, operations, and security. I’m involved in customer engagements through meetings, on-site visits, and calls. I also contribute to the development of […]