DataStax Community Webinar

  • Title: Leveraging Docker and CoreOS to provide always available Cassandra at Instaclustr
  • Date: July 14th, 2015
  • Time: 2pm PT / 5pm ET
  • Duration: One hour
  • Registration:  Learn @DataStax
  • Details:  With a growing customer base and Cassandra clusters running on top of a number of the world’s largest cloud and bare-metal hosting providers, Instaclustr is at the forefront of always-on Cassandra hosting.Instaclustr leverages the power of Docker, a modern containerization solution for Linux, and CoreOS, a lightweight Linux distribution tailored to running software inside containers, to build a stable and adaptable Cassandra hosting platform.Running Cassandra inside Docker and deploying on CoreOS has many advantages, including:
    • Docker accelerates and simplifies upgrades (and rollbacks) of Cassandra versions and its dependencies, ensuring we have a stable and secure environment.
    • Docker allows us to easily support multiple versions of Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise concurrently, adapting to the requirements of our clients and their applications.
    • CoreOS and Docker isolate and abstract away a number of intricacies of each hosting provider, which greatly simplifies the process of on-boarding on a new hosting environment.
    • Docker’s build-once, run anywhere feature means the code running in our development, testing, and production environments is identical.

    In this webinar, Adam Zegelin, Founding Software Engineer at Instaclustr, will discuss how leveraging Docker and CoreOS assists in providing stable, always available Cassandra at Instaclustr.

  • Speaker: Adam Zegelin, Founding Software Engineer, Instaclustr

As Instaclustr’s founding software engineer, Adam provides the foundation knowledge of our capability and engineering environment. He delivers business-focused value to our code-base and overall capability architecture.Adam is also focused on providing Instaclustr’s contribution to the broader open source community on which our products and services rely, including Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark and other technologies such as CoreOS and Docker. Prior to founding Instaclustr, Adam worked on large-scale big data projects with Australian government agencies.

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