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Cadence® 1.0 Released on the Instaclustr Managed Platform

NetApp is pleased to announce General Availability of Cadence® 1.0 on the Instaclustr Managed Platform. Originally developed and open sourced by Uber, Cadence is a workflow engine that greatly simplifies microservices orchestration for executing complex business processes at scale.  

Cadence 1.0 constitutes a big milestone for the Cadence project and strongly represents the confidence of the maintainers that the project is ready for widespread production usage. However, don’t be fooled by the 1.0 version number into thinking that Cadence is only now reaching maturity for production usage—the first Cadence release to remove the beta tag was way back in 2017, and Cadence has provided the production microservices orchestration backbone for Uber and many other leading technology organizations since that time. You can be very confident that Cadence will meet your needs today and be maintained and supported into the future. 

Cadence 1.0 is largely an incremental release, focused on edge-case stability improvements and monitoring enhancements. However, there are a couple of Instaclustr features that Instaclustr staff have contributed to Cadence that we have been keenly waiting for, specifically: 

  • Cassandra 4.x support; and 
  • gRPC TLS support for Cadence CLI, rounding out gRPC TLS support for Cadence. 

Instaclustr Managed Cadence removes the effort, complexity, and risk of setting up and running Cadence (and the technologies that it depends on) yourself. Key features of Instaclustr Managed Cadence include: 

  • Fully automated provisioning of Cadence, including required Apache Cassandra®, Apache Kafka®, and OpenSearch® clusters 
  • Cadence multi-region support (currently in Public Preview) 
  • Cadence archival support 
  • Availability SLAs up to 99.95% 
  • Management console with automated provisioning, configuration, and built-in monitoring capabilities 
  • DevOps-friendly API access: provisioning via REST API or Terraform, monitoring via Prometheus API, or REST-based integrations to common monitoring platforms 
  • Fully automated horizontal and vertical resizing via Console, API, and Terraform 
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and expert support 
  • Continuous maintenance and version upgrades 
  • Available on AWS, Azure, GCP and your own infrastructure 
  • SOC 2 and ISO27001 security certification 

Cadence 1.0 is available now on Instaclustr’s Managed Platform. Sign up to today and try it for yourself or contact us for more information. Customers wishing to upgrade an existing cluster should contact Instaclustr Support to schedule the upgrade.