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General Availability of Apache Kafka® and Kafka® Connect 3.1.1

Instaclustr is pleased to announce the general availability of Instaclustr for Apache Kafka and Kafka Connect version 3.1.1. Compared to Kafka 3.0.0, the previous release we support on our managed platform, version 3.1.1 of Apache Kafka includes some useful new features and numerous fixes.

Please note that our Kafka 3.1.1 offering is still leveraging Apache ZooKeeper, in line with the project’s recommendations, as KRaft is not yet suitable for production workloads. KRaft is currently missing important features including the inability to support an upgrade to or from it.

Following are some notable highlights of the changes contained in Kafka 3.1.1 compared to Kafka 3.0.0:

  • Replaced log4j and slf4j-log4j12 with reload4j and slf4j-reload4j due to security concerns
  • Introduced Topic IDs to FetchRequest (KIP-516)
  • Extended ReadOnlyKeyValueStore, ReadOnlySessionStore and ReadOnlyWindowStore to support range queries with open endpoints (KIP-763 and KIP-766)
  • Enabled by default idempotence for the producer if no conflicting configurations are set (KAFKA-13598)
  • Removed example connectors FileStreamSourceConnector and FileStreamSinkConnector from Kafka Connect’s default classpath (KAFKA-13748)
  • Deprecated the eager rebalance protocol (KAFKA-13439)
  • Deprecated metrics bufferpool-wait-time-total, io-waittime-total, and iotime-total (KIP-773)
  • Added a new configuration to control the naming convention for internal topics of MM2 (KIP-690).

 Some additional details on the notable changes are available on the official Kafka documentation page here and here.

Existing customers who wish to upgrade their clusters to this release are encouraged to open a support ticket.  For new customers, if you would like to try our Kafka or Kafka Connect service, log in to our Management Console, create a test cluster, and use the 30-day free trial. Alternatively, please contact our Sales team.