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Instaclustr Announces Customer-Initiated Resize For PostgreSQL

Instaclustr, delivering reliability at scale through fully managed open source data technologies, today announced the release of customer initiated resize for PostgreSQL clusters on the Instaclustr Managed Platform.

Releasing this new functionality allows customers to dynamically resize their PostgreSQL clusters without help from the Instaclustr Support team, providing customers a quicker resolution time and better integration with infrastructure automation solutions including Terraform.

There are a number of common scenarios when you may wish to resize your cluster. For example, prior to a known usage spike, you can resize to a larger instance size. Another common scenario would be increasing the node size as a result of growth in usage of the cluster when data storage or compute power is no longer adequate.

This new feature allows Instaclustr customers to manage cluster resizing without assistance from Instaclustr Support in a safe manner, with minimal downtime. The customer can simply select their cluster to resize and select the new size. This functionality is common to the Console, Provisioning API and Instaclustr Terraform Provider. The customer will then be provided with progress updates on the console while the resizing process takes place.

The customer-initiated resize functionality offers the following key technical features:

  • Supported on Instaclustr PostgreSQL managed offerings.
  • Supported across Provisioning API and Console. Support for the Terraform Provider will be provided in a subsequent release.
  • Available on AWS, Azure and GCP.
  • Supports increases of disk, change of instance sizes, and change of both disk and instance for supported instance types only
  • No intervention required from Instaclustr Support when initiated by the customer
  • Safety checks are automatically conducted as a prerequisite to the resize operation
  • The Instaclustr provisioning system chooses the most efficient path to execute the resize

Log onto the Instaclustr console and spin up a cluster to take the resize functionality for a test drive. For more info, please reach out to our Support team.

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