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Instaclustr Announces the General Availability of Its Managed Elasticsearch™ Service

Instaclustr is pleased to announce the general availability of Elasticsearch Managed Service on the Instaclustr Managed Platform which uniquely places us as the leading Managed Service partner to enterprise businesses for three leading data layer technologies, Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, and now, Elasticsearch:

  • all highly available and massively scalable technologies that address your data layer requirements at blazing speeds. 
  • all truly open source technologies (with Apache 2.0 license), ensuring businesses aren’t stuck with escalating licence fees simply because of vendor lock-in for niche functionality.

Our Elasticsearch service is based on the Open Distro for Elasticsearch, a 100% open source distribution of Elasticsearch, free of any code with restrictive licensing. Instaclustr is the first company to offer Managed Service for Open Distro for Elasticsearch besides AWS’ own service (as the original sponsors of the Open Distro) and also, as of today, the only    company to offer Enterprise support services.

Elasticsearch is a linearly-scalable search technology that delivers uniquely powerful and flexible real-time search, analytics, and visualization capabilities—making it possible to search “anything digital” in near-real time. Elasticsearch, with its distributed architecture, offers the high availability, reliability, and performance that Enterprise businesses seek for their applications, and scale along with the application’s changing requirements.

We launched Elasticsearch preview release for AWS in February and have seen a great response from our current customers and increasing numbers of new leads and prospects interested in its General Availability (GA) for production deployment. Listening to customer demands, we have focused on AWS as our initial supported cloud environment in order to make a GA-ready version available as soon as possible. For customers interested in Elasticsearch on GCP or Azure, we are offering the Private Preview release of Elasticsearch on the respective clouds. If our current GA offering of Elasticsearch doesn’t meet your production needs, please talk to our Sales or Customer Success Teams to discuss possible options and feature availability timeline.

Key features and benefits of Instaclustr Managed Elasticsearch include:

  • Cluster provisioning, configuration, and monitoring using the Instaclustr Management Console or REST APIs;
  • Support for Amazon Web Services, with support for Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform to follow;
  • Easy horizontal scaling;
  • Choice between running Elasticsearch via Instaclustr’s cloud provider account at a fixed, infrastructure-inclusive cost, or using your own cloud provider account;
  • Ability to deploy Elasticsearch as a Private Network Cluster for enhanced security;
  • Open Distro for Elasticsearch’s Security plugin prebuilt with all clusters by default. Some of the plugin’s features, like LDAP, will be enabled in one of the following releases;
  • Security features including encryption of data in transit (internode encryption to follow) and at rest, and access management via IP ranges or security groups;
  • SOC 2 Compliance;
  • Daily backups & restore (restore initially available through support request, automated restore to follow);
  • Assisted migration onto the Instaclustr Managed Platform with zero downtime;
  • Continuous monitoring and alerting;
  • Flexibility in deployment configuration—for example, customers can deploy an Instaclustr Managed cluster within their existing VPC to avoid cross-VPC network costs;
  • Production-ready Elasticsearch clusters with SLAs up to 99.99% available (more details on Instaclustr Managed Elasticsearch availability SLAs here);
  • Highly responsive 24×7 support from Instaclustr’s expert team (more details on support and support SLAs here);

More details on how to deploy and monitor an Elasticsearch cluster on the Instaclustr Managed Platform and the available interfaces to do it are described on our Support site.

If you are an existing customer who has an Elasticsearch cluster or are planning to have one, we highly encourage you to trial an Elasticsearch cluster and experiment with it. Contact our Support or Customer Success teams for any questions and clarifications. New customers can begin a free trial of Instaclustr Managed Elasticsearch here, or contact the Instaclustr Sales team.