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Instaclustr for Redis™ achieves PCI-DSS certification

We’re happy to announce that our Instaclustr for Redis™ managed offering, running on AWS, has now gained PCI-DSS certification. This is in addition to the existing SOC2 compliance which Instaclustr for Redis achieved some months ago, bringing it on par in security and accreditations as our other offerings – Instaclustr for Apache Cassandra, Instaclustr for Apache Kafka and Instaclustr for Open Search and demonstrates our commitment to thorough data security practices and architecture.

Enterprise customers with the most stringent security requirements can utilize Instaclustr’s advanced managed open source data solutions knowing that their environment is continually aligned with the most rigorous security protocols. In addition to meeting PCI-DSS compliance for customers who require it, the new security enhancements we’ve implemented will result in improved levels of security for all Instaclustr for Redis customers, regardless of the platform they are leveraging.

The PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is the payment card industry’s mandated information security standard and applies to all organizations that store, process, and/or transmit cardholder data. PCI-DSS certification requirements dictate that all system components either within the cardholder data environment or with access to it must feature specific and strict technical, physical, and operational security controls. Beyond applications directly involving finance and payment card transactions, PCI-DSS controls are currently seeing increased adoption across other industries, as the recognized “gold standard” for security practices.

Customers requiring full PCI-DSS compliance can opt-in when creating a new Redis cluster on the Instaclustr managed platform to enable the required security options. There are additional customer responsibilities involved to achieve full compliance. Those needing more information on customer responsibilities and Instaclustr customers with existing clusters interested in adhering to PCI-DSS compliance, can get in touch with us via the Instaclustr support page for further assistance.

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