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Instaclustr Insights: Meet Amrutha Shanbhag

NameAmrutha Shanbhag
RoleSenior Software Engineer
LocationCanberra, Australia

How did you get started working in IT?

I started right after university, after earning my Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from the Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering. Through a campus placement program, I received a job offer as a software developer at a large mobile entertainment company – and began my career in IT right after graduation.

When did you join Instaclustr?

In March 2019. In the decade between university and now, I’ve held technical roles at a few IT and consulting companies, including ThoughtWorks, ICM Consulting, and ClickSoftware.

What brought you to Instaclustr?

Instaclustr is in such an interesting part of the tech industry. I was really drawn to the open-source technologies Instaclustr offers as part of its managed solutions and services.

What role have you taken on at Instaclustr?

I’m a Senior Software Engineer. I work with an agile team to develop new features continually added to the Instaclustr platform. Along with programming, I contribute to other phases of our software development lifecycle, such as testing, design, documentation, deployment, and troubleshooting customer questions. I also enjoy mentoring those earlier on in their technical
careers at Instaclustr.

What’s a typical day look like?

My day starts by participating in our daily standup meeting where we share updates on the previous day’s tasks. From there, it’s working independently on my action items and projects. Depending on the phase of my task, I’ll bring in other teammates to brainstorm ideas with or schedule larger meetings to draw input. But overall, the work environment is pretty casual at Instaclustr. It’s smart people doing their jobs well – and enjoying it.

What have you liked most about working at Instaclustr?

It’s really motivating to have the opportunity to contribute to the earlier stages of a new solution. There are clear opportunities to make an outsized impact. And being at a growth company, you can learn new things quicker and grow your skillset faster, at any level of experience.

What skills make someone a good software engineer?

Being proactive about your tasks is a great skill to bring to a startup. Ideas will get heard and more quickly put into action without excessive processes that can hamper productivity at larger organizations. Bring a proactive mindset to a startup and the work will be that much more rewarding.

What do you enjoy most about working at Instaclustr?

Puzzles have always been my biggest interest and, being a software engineer and programmer, my work really maps well to what I enjoy doing. Also, the team here is just so supportive. Everyone genuinely respects and appreciates one another’s ideas.

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