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Instaclustr Insights: Meet Mari Hsieh

Interns at Work: Helping Build Instaclustr’s Future

Name: Mari Hsieh
Department: Sales Intern

Here at Instaclustr, we are not only focused on open source technologies but also on helping cultivate the next generation of technical innovators and evangelists. We are dedicated to fostering future leaders’ knowledge in our space, and to helping them develop their professional aptitude and skills andto apply them to real-world experiences.

Our newest intern, Mari Hsieh, has been doing a phenomenal job assisting the Sales team with account research and is already doing outbound prospecting! Right away, Mari dove into her first assignment, an account-based research project where she built 360-degree profiles of prospective accounts. The USU.S. Ssales team is actively using the material she gathered.

“​​Mari has been able to take a lot of work off of our seller’s plates by building account roadmaps for our targeted customers. This has reduced the amount of time our sellers spend looking for relevant material to gain knowledge about our customers and can now focus solely on learning about them and trying to break into the account.” – Pierre Petersen, Senior Manager of Worldwide Inside Sales at Instaclustr

Below are some questions we have asked Mari and the responses are in her own words.

What are you studying/majoring in school? 

I’m in my senior year getting my bachelor’s degree in marketing and sales.

How did you come across this internship opportunity and what made you choose Instaclustr?

I was looking at a couple of other marketing and sales-related internships for this fall semester when I came across Instaclustr. I took advantage of the recruiting resources LinkedIin has and thought that I could really be a good fit at Instaclustr. From there, I got in touch with a recruiter and started the position shortly after.

I love the work environment. I’ve learned so much about the industry already, and I can apply the things I learn to grow into a successful professional in the sales world. Since starting my internship, my confidence in my capabilities has grown so much.

What does mentorship look like to you?

To me, mentorship is a team effort to reach your personal goals. A great mentor wants you to succeed, is looking out for you, and preparing you for a successful future.

What are you hoping to learn during your internship?

I’m hoping to grow my confidence in my skills and capabilities that can be applied not only professionally but throughout life itself. I want to complete this internship feeling prepared for any opportunities that come my way.

Can you share how this internship is starting to grow your confidence?

I’ve taken multiple courses throughout my college career that have been sales or marketing-focused, but taking these lessons and skills and applying them to real-life situations can be a different experience. It can be nerve-wracking to jump on your first sales call without knowing exactly how it will go. Now, when I am presented with opportunities to jump into a real professional role, I am more confident, knowing that I am constantly growing my skills.

As of right now, do you know what you want your next role to look like?

Post-graduation, I would love a full-time position within the sales industry. It’s something that I think I could excel at, especially given the experiences I’ll have under my belt after completing my internship.

What are you working on/projects?

Currently, I am working with the team to learn the ins and outs of inside sales. There can be a lot of skills and tactics that go into a successful sales operation, and I have begun to learn how to excel throughout each step of the sales process.

What’s the most surprising thing so far about interning at Instaclustr?

Work can be so fun. I’ve worked previous jobs where I would be less than excited to go into work. However, I actually look forward to coming into the office and working with the Instaclustr team each week. I really appreciate how inclusive the environment is and how everyone celebrates each person’s successes.

What advice/tips do you have for current students looking to get an internship?

Be proactive! You never know what opportunities could be out there if you’re not actively making an effort to find them. Reach out and make connections with professionals who can help you reach your goals.

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