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Instaclustr Insights – Meet Rony Rahman

NameRony Rahman
RoleSenior Software Engineer
LocationCanberra, Australia

How long have you been at Instaclustr?

I’m brand new – just started about two and a half month ago.


As a Senior Software Engineer, what are your responsibilities?

I’m currently leading the development of a new feature Instaclustr is providing – a Kubernetes Service Broker. I’m also actively helping on some independent testing we are doing around the Kafka Schema Registry, which has just been released as a service offering.


Have you always been interested in IT?

Pretty much as long as I can remember. My Dad bought our family’s first computer – an i486 – in 1993. I’d spend hours playing DOS games and enjoyed the process of inputting simple DOS commands – and the passion for computers had begun. I studied in the IT field as an undergraduate and postgraduate. I did well, which reaffirmed my career choice and inspired me to become a university lecturer and pursue research projects. Doing so led me to a Ph.D., after which I was ready to get more hands-on experience. That, in turn, led me to begin working as a software developer.

What were those educational accomplishments?

I have a bachelor’s degree with honors and a master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Dhaka (in Bangladesh). My Ph.D. is in Computer Science from the University of New South Wales here in Australia.


What’s your favorite part about working at Instaclustr?

The work flexibility really stands out. The team doesn’t mind where you work from as long as you are getting the job done well; it makes for a stronger work environment, in my opinion. I also like how open to new ideas, technologies, and methodologies Instaclustr is (both with what we offer customers and how we do our work internally). Additionally, I’ve found my colleagues to be extremely welcoming and approachable, making these first few weeks incredibly pleasant. And one more: there’s always plenty of freebies and social gathering opportunities to go around!


What about being at a startup – what stands out?

I’m excited by the opportunity to grow alongside the company, to have pride in creating something unique, and to learn a lot about cutting-edge technologies. I also really appreciate the casual-yet-tightly-knit working environment that would be hard to replicate at a big enterprise.


What skills or qualities make someone well-suited to being a software engineer?

I think to be successful (and enjoy what you do), you need to be a team player, you should have good communication and interpersonal skills, you are able to adapt to new ideas and technologies, and you are not afraid to try out those technologies – even if it takes a little research to get more comfortable. On the more technical side, algorithm and problem-solving skills will also certainly help!


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