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Instaclustr Managed Service adds Apache Cassandra Lucene Index Support

Instaclustr is pleased to announce support for Stratio’s Cassandra Lucene Index as part of the Instaclustr Managed Service for Apache Cassandra.

The Cassandra Lucene Index extends Cassandra’s native secondary index capability to include Lucene search capabilities including full-text search, relevance searches, and geospatial capabilities.

With the addition of support for the Cassandra Lucene Index, and existing support for SASI in Cassandra 3.x, Instaclustr’s Managed Service now supports fully open source solutions for the full range of full text search capabilities with Cassandra.

SASI, which is a native capability of Apache Cassandra, extends the core filtering capability of Apache Cassandra with features like:

  • use of like clauses (select * from users where name like ‘%slater%’);
  • using non-indexed columns further restrict query results (select * from users where name like ‘%slater%’ and age > 100); and
  • tokenization (word stemming and case normalization).

The Cassandra Lucene Index is a third party open source project which uses Cassandra’s pluggable secondary index support to provide Apache Lucene search capabilities across data stored in Cassandra. It supports a much more comprehensive true search capabilities such as searching for multiple words within a text string and sorting responses based on relevance.

Both SASI and the Cassandra Lucene Index (like other available Cassandra-search integrations) are an implementation of Apache Cassandra’s secondary index capability. As such, you should be aware when using them that searches not using a partition key will not scale the same way that other Cassandra queries do (as searches will need to be executed by all nodes in the cluster). If possible, to preserve linear scalability, you should design your tables so that search can be narrowed by a small number of partition keys before executing the search portion.

Should you have any queries regarding our support for SASI or the Cassandra Lucene Index, please contact [email protected].