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Instaclustr Managed Service for Apache Spark™ 2.1.1 Released

Instaclustr is pleased to announce the availability of Spark 2.1.1 on its managed service. Spark 2.1 provides increased stability and minor feature enhancements while providing access to the key benefits of Spark 2.0 such as:

  • Up to 10x performance improvements
  • Structured Streaming API
  • ANSI SQL parser for Spark SQL
  • Streamlined APIs

Instaclustr’s Spark Managed Service offering focuses providing managed solution for people wanting to run Spark over their Cassandra cluster. It provides:

  • automated provisioning of Cassandra cluster with co-located Spark workers for maximum processing efficiency;
  • automated provisioning of Spark Jobserver and Apache Zeppelin to provide simple REST and interactive interfaces for working with your Spark cluster;
  • high availability configuration of Spark using Zookeeper;
  • integrated Spark management and monitoring through the Instaclustr Console; and
  • the same great 24×7 monitoring and support we provide for our Cassandra customers.

Instaclustr’s focus is the provision of managed, open-source components for reliability at scale and our Spark offering is designed to provide the best solution for those looking to utilize Spark as a component of their overall application architecture, particular where you’re also using Cassandra to store your data.

For more information about Instaclustr’s Spark offering, or to initiate a proof of concept evaluation, please contact [email protected].