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Instaclustr Releases Support for Scylla 1.7.2

*Please note due to extremely limited customer demand, we no longer support ScyllaDB. Please contact our Sales Team should have you have any further questions.

Instaclustr is happy to announce the immediate availability of Scylla 1.7.2 through its Managed Service. Scylla 1.7.2 is a significant step forward from the version previously available through Instaclustr with relevant enhancements including:

  • Support Counters as a native type (experimental)
  • Upgrade Java tools to match Cassandra 3.0
  • Update to CQL 3.3.1 to match Cassandra 2.2 release
  • Fetch size auto-tune
  • Improves range scans
  • Slow Query Tracing
  • Thrift support
  • Date Tiered Compaction Strategy (DTCS) support
  • Improved Large Partitions Support
  • CQL Tracing support

Instaclustr’s Scylla support is currently in preview status. However, we are very happy to work with individual customers to complete application testing and move to full production SLAs. For more information, please contact [email protected].