• Apache Cassandra
NetApp Announces the General Availability of Apache Cassandra® Version 3.11.16 on the Instaclustr Platform

Apache Cassandra® version 3.11.16 is now generally available on the Instaclustr Managed Platform. The newly released Apache Cassandra 3.11.16 version addresses bugs and CVEs and maintains availability of the latest Cassandra application version. Click here for Apache Cassandra 3.11.16 full release notes. 

This release includes the fix for an edge case bug identified, contributed to the Apache Cassandra Project by Instaclustr, CASSANDRA-18543. This addresses an issue on Cassandra start up where nodes would start native transport (i.e. serving client requests) before handshaking with a quorum of other nodes in the cluster, causing “Cannot achieve Consistency Quorum” errors in clients for a short period. This is disruptive for large clusters, particularly during any restart operations. The bug fix provides a set of Java system properties to tune the behavior of Cassandra on start up, giving Cassandra administrators additional controls. Keep a look out for our blog post with more details on this bug fix.  

Apache Cassandra version 3.11.16 is expected to be one of the final bug/fix version as the Apache Cassandra project ceases support for the Cassandra 3.11 minor version in November-December 2023. Instaclustr will deprecate our Managed Cassandra 3.11 minor version at the time that the Apache Cassandra project stops maintaining the 3.11 minor version. Instaclustr will provide customers with an extended 12 months of support for Managed Cassandra 3.11, to allow them time to upgrade their Managed Cassandra clusters. Click here for more information on Instaclustr’s support for Apache Cassandra. 

We encourage those of you considering upgrades to explore the significant advantages of Cassandra 4.1.3 which is in full General Availability on our managed platform. Reach out to our Support team today for assistance to upgrade your Cassandra clusters!