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NetApp Supported Apache Spark™ on Red Hat OpenShift

Apache Spark™ is a critical part of AI data engineering pipelines, but it requires expertise to architect, deploy, and manage efficiently in a scalable container environment. Misconfiguration of security settings can expose applications to potential threats.  

To solve this, NetApp—a global, cloud-led, data-centric software company—collaborated with Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, to launch a new offering: NetApp Supported Apache Spark™ on Red Hat OpenShift. 

This collaboration aims to provide businesses with a robust, enterprise-grade solution that accelerates the development and deployment of data-intensive applications and machine learning workloads. The integration of Apache Spark, a large-scale data processing system, will enable organizations to perform analytics operations and large-scale data processing within Red Hat OpenShift.  

“By combining the power of Spark with the agility and scalability of Red Hat OpenShift, we’re providing businesses with the tools they need to turn data into actionable insights more efficiently and effectively than ever before,” explained Ben Slater, Chief Product Officer at Instaclustr by NetApp. “This collaboration with Red Hat represents our commitment to driving innovation in the data management space.”  

The new Spark on Red Hat OpenShift offering will provide customers with a unified, high-performance environment for big data workloads and analytics applications. It will benefit from the inherent advantages of containerization, including increased scalability, resource efficiency, and deployment speed. Customers will be able to leverage their data more effectively, driving better business outcomes. 

A significant advantage to customers is that they will get NetApp’s world-leading 24x7x365 support services, which will entitle them to similar response times and SLAs as customers of NetApp’s managed platform. Supported customers will be able to draw on NetApp’s technical expertise when it comes to best practice advice on Apache Spark setup configurations, and receive assistance troubleshooting performance, stability, and functionality issues.  

Prospective customers can contact the NetApp team at ng-netapp-apache-spark-support-[email protected] to purchase this offering.