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Open Source Operational Tools for Apache Cassandra

Apache Cassandra is the true open source alternative for DataStax Enterprise Cassandra. It provides the same reliability, distributed architecture, and scalability. It comes with no licensing cost, but the rub is that managing it requires effort and discipline. Unlike DataStax, Apache Cassandra does not have an OpsCenter for quick diagnostic, monitoring, repair management, backup, recovery and provisioning activities. These activities consume a lot of time and effort if not managed properly.

What if there was an Open Source OpsCenter for Apache Cassandra? Wouldn’t that be great. At Instaclustr, we do have such a solution. We have migrated over 1000’s of nodes from DataStax Enterprise to Apache Cassandra and while doing so leveraged Instaclustr developed open source projects, amazing community projects, and our expert consulting service.

See the comparison below:

Datastax OpsCenterOpen Source Operational Tools
Available DiagnosticHealth Check
MonitoringMonitoring Tool (Prometheus/Grafana)
Repair ManagementCassandra Reaper
Backup and RecoveryCassandra Backup and Recovery
Inbuilt Security (Kerberos/LDAP)Kerberos/LDAP plugin
ProvisioningPackage Installer

Please get in touch with consulting sales [email protected] to help guide you off the treacherous path of closed source, open-core proprietary licensed software.