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Cassandra on AWS EBS infrastructure | Instaclustr

Wednesday 28th October 2015 by Ben Slater

Instaclustr has updated it’s Cassandra on AWS EBS infrastructure offerings to include m4.xlarge class instances on AWS. Over 100 hours of testing and tuning has demonstrated that these nodes, using EBS provide substantial price/performance benefits for many use cases. It’s traditional wisdom that Cassandra and AWS EBS don’t mix. However, with the release of the […]

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Ben Bromhead Recognised as Apache Cassandra MVP

Saturday 17th October 2015 by Instaclustr

Instaclustr CTO Ben Bromhead recognized as an Apache Cassandra MVP for contributions to the Cassandra community at Cassandra Summit 2015. The DataStax Cassandra MVP Program recognizes key individuals who have gone above and beyond to share their knowledge and expertise to help the Cassandra community learn about the massively scalable NoSQL database. The MVP Program provides these […]

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Instaclustr partners with Mashape to deliver Managed Cassandra for Kong

Wednesday 16th September 2015 by Instaclustr

Redwood City, CA — September 15, 2015 — Instaclustr, a high-tech company delivering hosted and managed Apache Cassandra™ services, today announced a new partnership agreement with Mashape to support users of their open source API gateway called Kong. Mashape delivers the world’s largest API marketplace and Kong, an open source API layer or gateway. Kong […]
Managed Apache Cassandra for Kong API by Instaclustr