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Instaclustr Announces PostgreSQL® on Azure NetApp Files Storage

One year ago, NetApp announced the acquisition of Instaclustr to “move up and shift left”–meeting the needs of developers by providing a PaaS that brings together the application management, optimization, and compliance services that organizations need to achieve speed to market, agility, and cost-effectiveness in the cloud. Today, we announce a major step towards realizing that vision with the full release of Instaclustr for PostgreSQL® on Azure NetApp Files (ANF). This release gives customers the benefit of blazingly fast IOPS of ANF storage to drive the highest possible levels of PostgreSQL performance, backed with the rock-solid reliability and industry-leading management of the Instaclustr Managed Platform. 

For organizations with high read/write workloads, the number of transactions per second (TPS) that a database can handle is a key performance metric and often requires more than standard cloud hardware can provide. This is especially important for large-scale databases such as those used by ERP or e-commerce platforms. 

With Instaclustr’s PostgreSQL-ANF, customers can enjoy a significant boost in TPS without needing to increase their instance size or storage. Our platform delivers higher IOPS out of the box, resulting in a remarkable upgrade in achievable TPS for our customers. 

Our testing, which utilized PGbench, has shown that read/write loads on our PostgreSQL-ANF using ANF premium storage can increase TPS by up to 325% compared with our previous platform. This result, while enabled by the performance of ANF, was only fully realized after we spent months performance-tuning with our PostgreSQL and storage experts—work that our customers can now benefit from immediately when provisioning a new cluster.  

The PostgreSQL on ANF nodes offer all same the benefits of the Instaclustr Managed Platform, including: 

  • Fully open source 
  • Provisioning via console, API, or Terraform 
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and support 
  • Automated backups 
  • Continuous maintenance and version upgrades 

As we progress through our future roadmap, we will be taking advantage of the operational benefits of ANF storage—such as ultra-fast snapshots with no interruption to your PostgreSQL workload, database forking to perform testing or analysis, cross-region disaster recovery, and scalable disk performance to get the right speed required for your workload. Expect more updates as we deliver these exciting features! 

Start exploring Instaclustr’s PostgreSQL-ANF by simply creating a cluster in our console with just a few clicks or reach out to the Instaclustr Sales team. 


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