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Preview Release of the Instaclustr Terraform Provider v2

Instaclustr is excited to announce the Public Preview release of version 2 of the Instaclustr Terraform Provider. Since the release of our first Terraform provider in 2020 we have seen a significant number of customers adopt managing their infrastructure via code. The Instaclustr Terraform Provider v2 represents an overhaul of the design of our Terraform Provider with several key enhancements and design philosophies:

Logical Split of Resources

The Instaclustr Terraform Provider v2 defines Terraform resources according to the smallest provisionable unit supported by our provisioning system. This change now avoids any “combination” style resources or “union schemas” for resources that were present in Terraform Provider v1. The key benefit of this approach is that each cluster application will be a separate Terraform resource, and the provisioning options you see will be unique to the application, reducing any guesswork in how you define your cluster application through Terraform.

Feature Parity

The Instaclustr Terraform Provider v2 is designed to be in sync with version 2 of the Instaclustr cluster management API, which virtually eliminates the gap between a feature being rolled out to the Instaclustr cluster management API and the feature being available on Terraform Provider v2.

Intuitive Naming Conventions

Terraform Provider v2 resources will contain attributes that are named according to the conventions of the Instaclustr Console. This allows for the more intuitive use of the Terraform Provider based on previous experience in using the Instaclustr Console.

Robust Documentation

The Terraform Registry documentation for Terraform Provider v2 will contain the same level of fidelity as the documentation for the Instaclustr API. As such, Terraform Registry documentation will contain up-to-date reference information for fields that allow specific values—for example, available node sizes for Cassandra clusters are made available on the description for the node size attribute.

Terraform Code Generation

The design approach for the new Terraform Provider has uniquely enabled Instaclustr to be able to generate Terraform Code for resources provisioned on Instaclustr. The Terraform Code Generation feature allows easy migration to Terraform Provider v2, and to learn more about this feature visit our support article on Terraform Code Generation.

The Public Preview release covers complete support for Cassandra clusters, with support for other offerings being added progressively through to the end of 2022. Visit the Terraform Registry to experience the benefits of the new and improved Terraform Provider to manage Cassandra clusters.