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Seamlessly Integrate Terraform with Instaclustr Managed Platform

Instaclustr is pleased to announce the availability of the Instaclustr Terraform Provider, which enables users of Terraform to seamlessly integrate with our Instaclustr Managed Platform. Teams using Terraform to manage their infrastructure as code can now provision, manage, and deprovision clusters running on the Instaclustr Managed Platform. The ability to use Terraform with Instaclustr has been a commonly requested feature, and we are excited to announce the immediate availability for all users.


Terraform is an open-source, infrastructure as code tool that allows users to provision and manage cloud infrastructure. The infrastructure as code approach that Terraform adopts allows users to:

  • Create reproducible infrastructure via declarative configuration files;
  • Manage infrastructure configuration like any other source code; and
  • Develop and automate consistent workflows and pipelines.

Instaclustr Terraform Provider

The Instaclustr Terraform Provider can be used stand-alone or by teams adopting Terraform to manage their complete infrastructure environment. The Instaclustr Terraform Provider supports the following operations available on the Instaclustr Provisioning API :

  • Create Cluster
  • Resize Cluster
  • Delete Cluster
  • Cluster Status
  • Create Firewall Rule
  • List Firewall Rules
  • Delete Firewall Rule
  • Create VPC Peering Request
  • List VPC Peering Connections
  • Delete VPC Peering Request/Connection.

For more details on how to use the Instaclustr’s managed services via the open sourced Instaclustr Terraform Provider, please refer to our GitHub repository

If you have any issues or need assistance adopting the Terraform Provider, please contact our Support Team [email protected]