The simple fact is Ad Tech companies are in love with Cassandra and its ability to deliver required performance, limitless scale and high availability.



Big data, always on and sub 10 ms query latency. This is the perfect use case for NoSQL technologies such as Cassandra.

The Ad Tech problem, for both publishers and marketers, is simple to state. Finding the best advert to place with the best publisher to the right consumer at the right time. Such a problem is indeed much harder than it sounds, especially given the sheer volume of web traffic online ad exchanges must deal with on any given day.

Even a small advertisement exchange will serve tens of thousands of requests per second, when dealing with this kind of scale even the smallest improvement in effectiveness will result in measurable improvements in ROI for advertisers. On the flip side even the slightest hiccup in latency or availability means lost revenue.

Now the nature and number of solutions to this problem are varied, but there is something that all of these technologies need. They need a data store that can store all of this first and third party data on consumers that drives the advertising spend decisions through analytics. This data store needs to be able to scale to meet the demands of the internet, and the data needs to be highly available to the applications. And lastly, data retrieval from the store needs to be very rapid to support the real time bidding process that is at the centre of these technologies.

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The Cassandra technology provides Ad Tech the ability to perform deep analytics at lightning-fast speed and present the results back in near real-time to the consumer. This is fundamental to a modern Ad Tech platform.



The Apache Cassandra database technology scales horizontally and linearly to huge quantities of data. This gives the Ad Tech companies the ability to scale their infrastructure with their ever increasing data loads without having to worry about the difficulties inherent in scaling traditional SQL databases.



If the first party or third party data is not available to the Adtech, then this means loss of revenue due to the failure of the technology to participate in bidding or the other mechanisms used to place ads with publishers. Cassandra was built from the ground up with the requirement of being an always-on architecture.

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