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Maths Pathway
October 28, 2021
Case Study: Maths Pathway delivers personalized learning with the help of Cassandra and Instaclustr.
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Instaclustr has enabled us to get underway quickly, the support team have been there from the beginning helping us to get it right the first time with our schema and architecture.

Richard Wilson

Maths Pathway is a learning and teaching model that supports students along an individual pathway to build a deep appreciation and knowledge of mathematics. Maths Pathway delivers that individual and personalized learning with the help of Apache Cassandra® and Instaclustr.

Maths Pathway is a company founded by a couple of classroom teachers who were sick of seeing some of their students left behind. They knew that there was a way of applying technology to the problem and ensuring that the learning needs of each student can be met in a more analytical and automated way.

The Maths Pathway solution helps educators structure the right maths course for their students by diagnosing a student’s individual learning abilities and automatically assigning personalized work tasks. The solution also performs formative assessments to continually refine the learning program for the student.

Maths Pathway also generates reports for the teachers in formats applicable to the region in which the school is operating to provide continual feedback for the teachers.


Maths Pathway is a company in startup mode, but they wanted a database and infrastructure that would grow with them. The team has some very ambitious growth plans and there was a need to implement the right technology the first time.

The team at Maths Pathway was also looking for a solution that enabled the analytical tools to perform a highly personalized solution for each of their end-point customers—the students, their teachers, and their schools.

Being a startup the team from Maths Pathway was also looking for a managed service to look after their database and the backend infrastructure so that they could concentrate their resources on their application and customer acquisition.


Maths Pathway has taken the typical personalization use case of Cassandra to deliver a solution that enables the tailoring of individual maths learning programs for individual students. The performance of their database enables analytical computation and delivery of ongoing individualized solutions for the students.

Maths Pathway has achieved amazing growth in student numbers since its inception and is currently providing personalized learning and assessments for over 20,000 students.

Cassandra has delivered the seamless scaling that the team is looking for, building the database for the future to ensure that the underlying infrastructure and technology will be able to grow rapidly with the company and future plans. As they add more regions, schools, and students they just add more nodes.

Having a managed service looking after the Maths Pathway Cassandra clusters has also allowed them to concentrate on continually refining algorithms and the Maths Pathway solution.

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