Apache Cassandra was built to handle the complexities of messaging and social network platforms.



Messaging applications and social networks in general require storage and processing of vast volumes of data. Storing various media types and managing the complexity of interactions on various platforms can be challenging.   The key is being able to ingest these large data sets and to be capable of accessing and analyzing the data quickly.

Continuous availability is also the key. For a hot messaging app or social networking platform being down is not an option. Users are spoilt with choice and once you gain traction in this space it is important to maintain engagement and to deliver the functionality of the application at all times.

With that traction also comes the need to scale, and to be capable of doing it rapidly.  If you suddenly create that new hot app, the last thing you need is your database holding your ability back to rapidly expand and take on new users.





The Cassandra technology provides messaging and social network platforms with the ability to perform deep analytics at lightning-fast speed and present the results back in near real-time to the consumer.



The Apache Cassandra database technology scales horizontally and linearly to huge quantities of data. This gives the Ad Tech companies the ability to scale their infrastructure with their ever increasing data loads without having to worry about the difficulties inherent in scaling traditional SQL databases.



If the first party or third party data is not available to the Adtech, then this means loss of revenue due to the failure of the technology to participate in bidding or the other mechanisms used to place ads with publishers. Cassandra was built from the ground up with the requirement of being an always-on architecture.

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