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High-Availability and Scalability for PostgreSQL

High-Availability and Scalability for PostgreSQL


Businesses are grappling with an influx of transactions in the realm of 24/7/365 operations, necessitating databases that underpin applications capable of supporting high-availability and scalability. While Kubernetes has proven effective for stateless applications, the question arises: what about databases, particularly transactional databases?

Enter PostgreSQL, an open-source object-relational database that stands as one of the oldest and most extensively utilized. Its remarkable extensibility has enabled both the community and corporations to enhance PostgreSQL with features such as replication, multi-node scaling, fail-over, and more. At Instaclustr, we implement a multi-node Postgres configuration for all production environments, meticulously configured for workload distribution (read/writes partitioned) and high-availability, leveraging 100% open-source software.

From effortless deployment to automated maintenance, our managed service is poised to demonstrate how it empowers your team, allowing them to concentrate on innovation while ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Join us as we unveil a new paradigm of simplicity and efficiency in managing your PostgreSQL databases, designed to enhance your overall experience and drive business success. Discover how Instaclustr enables PostgreSQL databases for high-availability and scalability, ushering in a new era of database management.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Setting up a multi-node PostgreSQL database –
  • Demonstrate a fail-over
  • Scaling the node size

Who should attend:

  • Anyone interested in using the PostgreSQL database.

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