Hosted & Managed Apache Cassandra as a Service

Instaclustr provides a fully managed and SOC 2 certified hosted & managed service for Apache Cassandra® on AWS, Azure, GCP and IBM Cloud.

PERFORMANCE: The fastest Apache Cassandra

Our Apache Cassandra deployment is tuned for super low latency – we get the best out of this amazing database technology.  We are so confident in the performance of our clusters that we include latency and performance guarantees in our contracted SLAs.

SECURITY: SOC 2 Certified

Instaclustr is the only managed Apache Cassandra service provider independently certified as meeting the SOC 2 standards.  This is the standard of choice when it comes to assessing the security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of a system.

SUPPORT: Dedicated 24/7 expert support

Our Cassandra experts have your back 24/7, monitoring the performance of your cluster, ensuring you can focus on the most important aspects of your business.   We have a dedicated team of technical operations experts that continue to maintain, monitor and manage your clusters at all times

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An Integrated Data Layer

Fully managed Apache Cassandra storage, integrated with other core data layer open source technologies.  Deploy on your preferred cloud provider.

Managed Apache Cassandra instaclustr advantage

The benefits of managed Apache Cassandra

There are many good reasons why Apple, Netflix, Uber and Spotify deploy open source Apache Cassandra for their mission-critical applications.


Cassandra consistently outperforms popular NoSQL alternatives in benchmarks and real applications, primarily because of fundamental architectural choices. Performance is guaranteed with Instaclustr's deployed Apache Cassandra.


Some of the largest production deployments include Apple's, with over 100,000 nodes storing over 10 PB of data, Netflix (2,500 nodes, 420 TB, over 1 trillion requests per day), Chinese search engine Easou (270 nodes, 300 TB, over 800 million requests per day), and eBay (over 100 nodes, 250 TB).


Data is automatically replicated to multiple nodes for fault-tolerance. Replication across multiple data centers is supported. Failed nodes can be replaced with no downtime.

Instaclustr Managed Cassandra

Instaclustr provides a hosted and fully managed service for Apache Cassandra on AWS, Azure and GCP. We customize and optimize the configuration of your cluster and provide integration with other core open source data technologies.

Low Latency

We have customized and optimized the configuration of Cassandra for every deployment, so you can efficiently achieve low latency and high throughput.

Zero Downtime Migrations

Cassandra, by design, provides continuous availability. That’s zero downtime, and we back this with our 100% uptime SLA where our customers have deployed effectively.

Dynamic Scaling

Our system can scale the processing capacity of your cluster up to 10x up or down in less than half an hour to deal with burst loads and scaling down to save costs.

Monitoring and Alerting

We collect and monitor over 1000 different metrics from every node we manage, so we can proactively manage your cluster and get easy access to the Cassandra metrics needed to manage your application.

Automated Health Checks

Our system monitors your schema and Cassandra usage and reports findings on a health check page to help you apply best practice usage of Cassandra.

Simple Provisioning

You don’t have to think about any of the tricky configuration of the cluster, we have done all the hard work so that you spin up a production ready cluster within minutes.

Unparalleled Experience

With over 20 million node hours and one petabyte of data under management. We provide the most reliable way to run Cassandra in the cloud.

24/7 Technical Support

Our team of experienced Cassandra engineers are available 24x7 for operational and code-level technical help and support.

Optimised Configuration

We select instances types and configurations that are well suited to running Cassandra, then develop tuned operating systems and Cassandra configurations to take advantage of the underlying infrastructure.

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