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Instaclustr Achieves SOC 2 Type 1 Compliance

Solution provider becomes first managed Cassandra database service to meet the audit’s rigorous security requirements.   Palo Alto, CA — May 12, 2017 — Instaclustr, which provides management, monitoring, and maintenance of Apache Cassandra™ databases, today...

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Managed Service for Elassandra provided by Instaclustr

Elassandra gives you the power of ElasticSearch to search your data directly from Cassandra - without developing custom integration or synchronisation code. Instaclustr, the best way to run Apache Cassandra in the cloud, is excited to announce the expansion of our...

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Scaling with Open Source Software

Overview As we close out what has been an exciting year for Instaclustr, which has culminated in our recent announcement of a $7m private investment round, I thought it was timely to provide some insight into our company and plans for 2017 and beyond. Over the last 3...

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Instaclustr Support for OEM Apache Cassandra

Increasingly software developers are choosing Apache Cassandra as the data store for packaged software products. Typically, this is due to Cassandra’s industry leading levels of availability, reliability and scalability. However, many end customers for these software...

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Instaclustr and Baffle Partnership

Instaclustr is pleased to announce a partnership with to make Baffle encryption technology available to our customers as part of the Instaclustr Managed Cassandra platform. For Instaclustr, the security of our client’s data is paramount. However, while we...

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Apache Cassandra and Spark in Financial Services

Financial services industries such as banking, insurance and capital management have been built on data since they first began. From ancient money lenders with clay tablets to early 20th century clerks with rooms full of ledgers to modern high-frequency trading,...

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Patched Cassandra 3.7

In the last couple of days we made the latest Apache Cassandra releases available in production for Instaclustr Managed Cassandra. This is something we do very regularly and normally I wouldn’t be writing a blog post about it. However, this time we’ve taken the...

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Instaclustr APIs

  Instaclustr has two REST APIs that are available for our customers: A monitoring API that provides programmatic access to the same Cassandra monitoring information that is available through our management console; A provisioning API that enables provision and...

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Encrypted EBS Support

Instaclustr has recently released support for provisioning Amazon Web Services based Cassandra clusters with encrypted EBS and encrypted backups. This support brings two big benefits for our customers: By utilising encrypted EBS (plus encrypted backups), customers may...

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Instaclustr Increases Open Source Commitment

At Instaclustr we’re strong believers that open source is the future of software. The key technologies we support (Apache Cassandra and Apache Spark) are open source and our management systems are built on open source technology. As such, we believe that it’s vital...

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Instaclustr Cluster Health

We’re happy to announce that our first release of the Instaclustr Health Page is now live on the Instaclustr console. Instaclustr’s Managed Service has long in included regular manual health checks of cluster to advise customer of issues with their use of Cassandra...

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Instaclustr support for Apache Cassandra v3

Instaclustr is happy to announce beta availability of Cassandra 3.5 through our Managed Cassandra service. Cassandra 3.x represents a major step forward for the Cassandra project with new functionality and significant performance improvements. Instaclustr has been...

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