Instaclustr Highlights 3 Key Trends Shaping Enterprise Data Strategy in 2022
January 06, 2022

ML-powered predictive analytics, data meshes, and strengthening open source communities will be among the most transformative trends affecting how enterprises leverage and benefit from data this year.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif – January 6, 2022 Instaclustr, which helps organizations deliver applications at scale by operating and supporting their open source data infrastructure, today announced three accelerating trends the company sees as especially pivotal to data management strategy in 2022. These trends and their predicted impacts for enterprises include:

  • ML-powered predictive analytics come into the database.

The predictive power of machine learning will increasingly be applied to the database in 2022 – yielding tremendous benefits to predictive indexing and analytics. The complexity and challenge of traditional database management stems from myriad data designs, unpredictable data usage patterns, and storage management that is beyond the database’s control. Even expert database admins grapple with this complexity by analyzing data traffic patterns and storage growth to design efficient queries. Emerging ML capabilities are replacing incumbent complexity by using predictive models that can accurately predict where data resides – and then create data indexes and manage storage accordingly. The coming year will see significant maturity in these solutions and their deployment in enterprise databases.

  • Data lake integrations push enterprises to adopt distributed “data mesh” strategies.

As enterprises accelerate their embrace of data lakes to enhance analytics and data visibility, many will pursue technologies that can enable better data integration with those data lakes. Technologies like the Instaclustr Platform for Apache Kafka will allow enterprises to leverage data and real-time transactional production workloads in their data lakes. Organizations running services requiring data lake connectivity with active data awareness will further leverage technologies such as the Instaclustr Platform for Kafka Connect to do so. This increase in data utilization will drive the concept of the data mesh, bringing modern distributed architecture principles into data management. With a data mesh approach, each team within an enterprise directly owns and takes responsibility for the data vital to them, enabling more immediate and decentralized control over data. In 2022, look for enterprises to adopt data mesh practices to empower their teams with advantages such as direct self-service data access.

  • Open source communities will flex their muscle to keep data and analytics technologies truly open source.

The marked rise in vendors changing open source solutions to more proprietary licenses will earn increasingly decisive responses from the open source communities around those projects. These communities realize their power to lead their own fully open source forks and continue developing technologies with no need for the original vendors. Elasticsearch provided the clearest example of this practice this year, with Elastic abandoning pure open source licensing and the community rapidly responding with the release of OpenSearch. 2022 will likely see more of this trend, with original vendors and the open source communities newly independent of them vying for users.

“2022 may very well go down as an especially noteworthy pivot point for data management technology, with several new technology and strategy trends on track to shape practices for years to come,”

said Ben Slater, Chief Product Officer, Instaclustr.

“Smart enterprises will keep a close eye on these trends as they unfold over the next year, and make moves to capitalize on them to speed application development and add meaningful efficiencies into their data and analytics processes.”

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