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Cassandra 4.0

Cassandra 4.0 brings improvements in performance, stability, and so much more. Get started today with the most stable release of Cassandra ever!

    What Is Cassandra 4.0?

    Apache Cassandra 4.0 is the first major release in the Cassandra community in over six years. Cassandra 4.0 significantly enhances the NoSQL database’s performance.

    Understanding Cassandra 4.0

    Aside from a range of enterprise-grade feature additions, Cassandra 4.0 comes with significant improvements to stability and performance over previous releases.

    • Performance

      Streaming between nodes is 5 times faster and throughput on reads and writes is 25% faster.

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    • Stability

      Cassandra 4.0 is the most exhaustively tested release of Cassandra to date to ensure stability in production environments.

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    • Fastest Cassandra yet

      Five times faster streaming between nodes as well as 25% faster throughput on reads and writes.

    • Full query logging capability

      There are a number of exciting use cases for full query logs in Cassandra. Full query logs allow you to log, replay, and compare CQL requests live without affecting the performance of your production environment.

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    • Virtual Tables

      A new form of metrics called virtual tables accessible through CQL.

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    • Compression Algorithms

      New and more efficient compression algorithms.

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    • Changes to incremental repair

      To learn more about Cassandra 4.0, contact our Cassandra experts for a free consultation or sign up for a free trial of our Managed Cassandra service.

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    • Netty Transport

      This allows Cassandra to move away from having an N threads per peer model, to a single thread pool for all connections. This dramatically reduces performance issues related to thread signalling, coordination and context switching.

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    Benefits of Cassandra 4.0

    For Database Administrators

    Cassandra 4.0 is the most thoroughly tested and stable release of Cassandra in the history of the project. With improved compaction to enhance stability and full query logging to help with debugging issues, operators will get an improved all-around experience with Cassandra 4.0.

    For Engineers

    Get improved performance for the data infrastructure supporting your applications with 25% faster reads and writes and a 5x improvement in streaming between nodes.

    For Enterprises

    Reduce the overall costs of your data infrastructure with significant improvements to stability and performance in Cassandra. More easily achieve SOX and PCI compliance requirements with comprehensive audit logging in Cassandra 4.0.

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