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Migrate From Oracle to PostgreSQL

Migrate to open source PostgreSQL and never worry about license fees again! We'll help you seamlessly migrate with zero downtime. Once migration is complete, we can help you manage your PostgreSQL instance with our fully managed and hosted platform.

    Move to Open Source For Good

    Our expert team of consultants has decades of collective experience helping organizations just like yours make the leap to open source. We'll help you assess your current environment, migrate schema, migrate your data, perform functional and performance testing, and more.

    If you move to our  Managed PostgreSQL offering, you’ll also benefit from fully offloading this area of your data infrastructure. We’ll manage your PostgreSQL deployment in the cloud so you can focus on other areas of innovation.

    Why PostgreSQL?
    • 100% Open Source

      Because PostgreSQL is a true open source solution, this gives you flexibility and portability. You will never be locked into Instaclustr or any other vendor.

      Read more about our Open Source Commitment

    • 24×7 Support

      We have a deep bench of PostgreSQL operators with over 15 years of experience. Your Managed PostgreSQL contract will come with 24x7x365 support included at no extra charge. 

      You’ll receive prompt and definitive technical support from our expert staff based around the globe and who are capable of resolving virtually any issue.

    • Similar to Oracle

      PostgreSQL has many similarities to Oracle. This makes it a good replacement for your existing Oracle workflows.

    • Easy to Get Started

      It is easy to get started with PostgreSQL because of the detailed documentation for the software and the robust community around it. A PostgreSQL database is often easier to set up and use than an equivalent Oracle database.

    • Vertical and Horizontal Scalability

      PostgreSQL is both vertically and horizontally scalable. PostgreSQL is hardware-agnostic, and vertical scalability is achieved through solid mathematical algorithm choices in the query engine and efficient management of the memory and file system blocks. PostgreSQL can be scaled horizontally to ensure availability, through replication and separate geo-locations

    • Multi-Version Concurrency Control

      PostgreSQL is a highly concurrent database system. To distinguish between users and provide concurrent services, PostgreSQL uses Multi-Version Concurrency control. This method of managing concurrency keeps a copy of every row in the database which has ever existed, thus providing a consistent view of the data to each connection/observer.
      Our Managed PostgreSQL service is licensed under the PostgreSQL License, a liberal open source license.

    • Handles Any Use Case

      PostgreSQL is a powerful and versatile database management system that can handle a wide variety of use cases.

    • Extensibility

      The PostgreSQL community has a diverse set of open source extensions available. PostgreSQL also allows you to extend the database functionality itself using functions.

    • Language Flexibility

      PostgreSQL allows you to use the language of your choice for programming. This means your existing team doesn’t need to learn a new language just to use the database.

    Eliminating Migration Challenges


    We can work with your team to develop a full ROI and cost justification for your move to open source. We’re confident we can save you money while maximizing your long-term architecture flexibility. 

    Detailed Migration Plan

    We have a detailed migration methodology that will get you over to open source PostgreSQL as quickly and cheaply as possible and with zero downtime.

    Access to Expertise

    PostgreSQL has equivalent functions, data types, operators, and strategies for every Oracle workload. However, the strategies can vary greatly for how to specifically handle a given situation. Our expert team will ensure your migration is set up for success. 

    Ongoing Management and Support

    What happens the day after migration? If you choose to move to our Managed PostgreSQL offering in the cloud, you get a fully hosted and managed service backed with 24x7 support from our team of PostgreSQL experts. 

    Spin up a cluster in minutes