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Past Events

Melbourne Consulting Workshop – Apache Cassandra5 December 2018
Instaclustr at AWS re:Invent26 November 2018
AWS Lambda & Cassandra: Power your scalable app without managing a single server14 November 2018
Meetup: Apache Cassandra and Apache Kafka: The How | The When | The Why8 November 2018
Meetup: Melbourne Distributed – Automating Apache Kafka1 November 2018
Cassandra and Kubernetes – Austin Meetup18 October 2018
Instaclustr at Distributed Data Summit14 September 2018
Meetup: AWS-Lambda and Cassandra Managed Service4 September 2018
Meetup: NYC18 July 2018
Instaclustr + AWS Lunch and Learn12 July 2018
Meetup: Seattle Apache Kafka12 July 2018
Meetup: AWS-Lambda and Cassandra27 June 2018
Meetup: Kafka Deployment & Management in Production12 June 2018
Instaclustr at AWS Community Day7 June 2018
Meetup: Automating the Deployment and Management of Apache Kafka5 June 2018
Microsoft Azure Silicon Valley Meetup11 October 2017
Silicon Valley NoSQL Meetup14 September 2017
NYC Cassandra User Group Meetup14 September 2017
The Power of Elassandra: Webinar19 July 2017
Chicago SQL, NoSQL, & NewSQL Database Meetup13 July 2017
Fremont Big Data & Cloud Meetup11 July 2017
The Power of Open Source Apache Cassandra23 June 2017
Cassandra: Getting Started and Troubleshooting Common Issues.19 June 2017
Apache Cassandra Firefighting & Consulting9 June 2017
Munich NoSQL Meetup8 June 2017
Apache Cassandra: Best Practices and Troubleshooting24 May 2017
Running Cassandra in Production: What to Expect in the First 6 Months2 May 2017
Open Source Cassandra: Lessons Learned from Supporting 2,000 Clusters26 April 2017

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