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InstaBlinks EP 07: Redis™—The Most Popular In-Memory Database Technology
November 15, 2021

In this seventh episode of InstaBlinks, Thomas Griffiths, Product Manager at Instaclustr, talks about Redis—the most popular in-memory database technology.

Redis is often called a data structure server because its core data types are similar to those found in programming languages, such as strings, lists, dictionaries (or hashes), sets, and sorted sets. It also provides many other data structures and features for approximate counting, geolocation, and stream processing. Learn more about Redis here.

During the video, Thomas shares insights into:

  • What is Redis, the reasons for its popularity, and what makes it different from other technologies
  • Redis adoptions and challenges around it
  • Popular use cases
  • Redis vs Kafka, and
  • When not to use Redis

Interested to learn more about Redis?

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The Advantages of Redis as an In-Memory Database for Low-Latency Applications
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