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Instablinks EP 08: Product Enhancements for Zookeeper, Elasticsearch, and Redis
November 01, 2021

In this eighth episode of InstaBlinks, Paul Aubrey, VP of Product Management at Instaclustr, talks about product enhancements to Instaclustr’s portfolio:

  • Customer Initiated Resizing: New Feature released for Kafka and Elasticsearch customers running on AWS.
  • Managed ZooKeeepeer: Managed Apache ZooKeeper available as an offering on the Instaclustr platform, so customers can concentrate on running their application and leave the management to us.
  • PCI for Elasticsearch: Instaclustr is now certified with Elasticserach and Kibana as PCI offerings.
  • Managed Mirroring for Redis: Redis Mirroring Now in Preview on the Instaclustr Managed Platform.

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