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InstaBlinks EP 08: Product Enhancements for Apache Zookeeper®, Elasticsearch, and Redis™
November 01, 2021

In this eighth episode of InstaBlinks, Paul Aubrey, VP of Product Management at Instaclustr, talks about product enhancements to Instaclustr’s portfolio:

  • Customer Initiated Resizing: New Feature released for Kafka and Elasticsearch customers running on AWS.
  • Managed ZooKeeper: Managed Apache ZooKeeper available as an offering on the Instaclustr platform, so customers can concentrate on running their application and leave the management to us.
  • PCI for Elasticsearch: Instaclustr is now certified with Elasticserach and Kibana as PCI offerings.
  • Managed Mirroring for Redis: Redis Mirroring Now in Preview on the Instaclustr Managed Platform.

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