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InstaBlinks EP 12: Shotover Data-Layer Proxy
November 25, 2021

In this video:

  • 0:57 – Introduction
  • 1:38 – What is Shotover?
  • 5:24 – What technologies does it support
  • 6:47 – Which IT teams should consider using this tool
  • 8:25 – How to start using Shotover
  • 9:52 – How does this affect existing Instaclustr customers?

Shotover Data-Layer Proxy

In this 12th Episode of Instablinks, Ben Bromhead, CTO and Co-Founder of Instaclustr discusses a new open source database proxy called Shotover.

Ben dives deep into how the tool works, its compatible technologies, its effects on IT teams, how Instaclustr is using it for current customers, and where you can try it out yourself.

Instaclustr’s Database Proxy Layer Datasheet
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