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10 Rules for Managing Apache Kafka®
January 11, 2024


For a distributed event streaming platform, nothing beats open source Apache Kafka®. High throughput, immensely scalable, and high availability make it the go-to technology for organizations of all sizes and industries. 

While Kafka itself is not overly difficult to use, optimizing it for your specific use case comes loaded with challenges. 

In our updated white paper for 2024, discover the 10 rules you’ll want to know for managing Kafka, including: 

  • Hardware requirements 
  • Apache ZooKeeper™ and the shift to KRaft 
  • Replication and redundancy 
  • Topic configuration 
  • Security 
  • Network latency 
  • And more 

Download the free white paper and get started with everything you’ll want to know about managing Kafka today! 

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