Enterprise-Grade and Production-Ready Certified Apache Cassandra

Assurance. Suitability. Transparency.

Certification for
Open Source Software

The Instaclustr Certification Framework for Open Source Software is a rigorous testing and evaluation program that determines the suitability of open source technologies and their related projects for production environment and enterprise deployments.

Certified Apache Cassandra

The technology test plan for Apache Cassandra developed by our Open Source team provides assurance that specific releases of Apache Cassandra have been tested across a range of functional, performance, and integration properties. This is completed prior to any Cassandra release being added to the Instaclustr Managed Platform for deployment in production environments. 

Transparency and Insights

Our certification process and results are all made public and freely available, providing transparency into our methodologies and testing. The insights from our reports will help your organization make an informed decision about deploying open source data layer technologies for enterprise-grade production environments.

Delivering Production Ready Certified Cassandra

Functional Testing

Be assured that the Cassandra version being deployed has all features and components thoroughly and consistently tested for production environments.

Performance Testing

Gain insight into the performance of the Cassandra version being tested and its ability to deliver stable performance compared to previous versions with production-grade workloads.

Integration Testing

We test Cassandra releases with other components in the ecosystem, such as drivers or other applications that consume the service.

Download the Certification Report

  • What you need to know when deploying the latest release of open source Apache Cassandra for enterprise-grade production environments.
  • Identification of known issues and changes since previous releases of the software. 
  • Details on performance test results, unit tests, distributed tests, stress tests, and more.

Our separate Project Assessment Report focuses on activities related to the licensing, community, stability, and maturity of open source Apache Cassandra.

Download Report

What is Instaclustr Certification for Open Source Software?

It’s a rigorous testing and evaluation program to determine the suitability of open source software and their projects for production environments and enterprise-grade deployment.

Increased Assurance

Benefit from increased assurance and confidence that the target Cassandra release you are using has gone through a series of independent tests and is suitable for inclusion in our managed platform.


Have confidence that the certified release of Cassandra is enterprise-grade and


Gain insight into specific testing details and methodologies used by our open source team prior to deploying each Cassandra version on the Instaclustr Managed Platform.

Gain Independent Assurance that Apache Cassandra is Enterprise-Grade and Production-Certified