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Elasticsearch Consulting Services

Let us help you develop and deploy high performance and continually available solutions with limitless scale.
Covering all stages of your project lifecycle
Instaclustr offers a range of consulting services designed to help you accelerate your adoption of Elasticsearch and other open source technologies.
  • A Methodology That Delivers

    No matter where you’re at in your lifecycle, we are dedicated to working closely with you to provide the help you need. We have deep expertise and follow best-practice in all aspects of Elasticsearch deployments, including initial evaluation, design, and data modeling, right through to deployment and operation.

  • Tailored Packages to Suit Your Needs

    We offer a wide range of consulting service packages that will help you take advantage of our expertise in open source and receive guidance from our team of experts.

Our methodology
  • Evaluate

    We can help you evaluate and select the right suite of open source data management technologies to most effectively implement your ideas.

  • Design

    Once you have selected your technology baseline, we can help with designing an efficient and effective data model and processing mechanisms to underpin your application.

  • Deploy

    We can help you work through specifying your deployment infrastructure and implementing suitable operational processes and capabilities.

  • Operate

    To ensure you’re capable of operating in a continuous and efficient manner, we can provide guidance on effective monitoring, ongoing maintenance procedures, and operation guides.

Start on the right track

Save time and money by using our experience to quickly develop the right architecture, infrastructure, and solution.

Our consultants are industry experts with a specific understanding of big data deployments and use cases to help you build a scalable, high-performing solution that meets your needs.

Elasticsearch Consulting Service Packages
  • Architecture and Design Package
    This package is designed to help you determine if open source technologies can meet your business needs. Within this package you can design and implement proof of concept projects to explore, validate your decision to use open source technologies, and gain the confidence that you made the right choices.
  • Onboarding Review Package
    This package is designed especially for our customers moving their clusters to Instaclustr ElasticsearchManaged Services or engaging with Enterprise Support Services. The package provides you with access to our consulting team who will conduct a detailed review of your Elasticsearch usage and plan zero downtime migration of your application to Instaclustr’s managed environment.
  • Embedded Project Consulting Package
    This package allows us to bring our expertise in distributed application technologies to the heart of your application development project.
  • Bespoke
    Not sure where to start? Looking for help with one of the other open source products we support? Speak to us about scoping a fully tailored project to meet your specific requirements.
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Advanced Monitoring

We collect and monitor over one thousand different metrics from every node we manage. That lets us know exactly what the availability and performance of your cluster is at any time.


You don’t have to think about any of the tricky configuration of the cluster, we have done all the hard work so that you spin up a production-ready cluster within minutes.

Spin up a cluster in minutes