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Cadence® Light Production Workloads

NetApp is excited to introduce the new Production Shared Infrastructure offering for Cadence® on the Instaclustr Platform. This offering is a cost-effective solution tailored for handling light production workloads.

Originally developed and open-sourced by Uber, Cadence is a workflow engine that simplifies the development of complex long-running automated business processes at scale.  

Built upon our existing Development Shared Infrastructure offering for Cadence, the new Production Shared Infrastructure offering delivers an affordable, yet robust, entry point into production-grade workflow management, making it an attractive choice for businesses looking to optimize costs while maintaining high standards of performance.  

Developers can swiftly set up the necessary Cadence services on 2 dedicated Cadence nodes to handle their light production workloads. These Cadence nodes connect to Apache Cassandra®, Apache Kafka®, and OpenSearch ® clusters that may be shared across multiple customers, each with a segregated data environment in these back-end services. 

This Cadence environment provides all standard Cadence features, including Advanced Visibility, Cadence Archival, and Cadence HTTP API without the complication and expense of running multiple clusters to support the Cadence services.

The Shared Infrastructure configuration is now supported for both development and production usage and is fully SOC 2 compliant. This Shared Infrastructure configuration is designed and tested to prevent cross-access of data or performance impacts between customer Cadence installations. However, we still recommend dedicated infrastructure for the most sensitive applications requiring the highest levels of isolation. 

Our Shared Infrastructure Cadence offering is available as listed in the plans below. The “Developer” plans are intended for development and testing, backed by development environment SLAs, while the “Production” plans are crafted for light production workloads, with optional production environment SLAs support. Note that different throughput limits (RPSRequests Per Second) apply to the various plans. 

  • Developer – Starter: Ideal for individual developers or small teams just starting with Cadence.
    • Node size: CAD-SI-DEV-t3.small-5
    • Number of nodes: 1 
    • RPS Per Node: 10
  • Developer – Pro: A step up for professional developers requiring more capacity and performance.
    • Node size: CAD-SI-DEV-t3.medium-30
    • Number of nodes: 1
    • RPS Per Node: 40 
  • Production – Small: For businesses launching their applications into production with moderate load. 
    • Node size: CAD-SI-PRD-t3.medium-30
    • Number of nodes: 2 
    • RPS Per Node: 40 
  • Production – Medium: For growing businesses with higher performance needs. 
    • Node size: CAD-SI-PRD-m5ad.large-75
    • Number of nodes: 2
    • RPS Per Node: 80 

Our ProductionSmall plan for the Shared Infrastructure Cadence offering is currently available in AWS us-east-1 region at a cost of $787/month (pro-rated if not run for a full month) that includes support and all AWS charges for both the Cadence nodes and back-end services.

This plan offers significant savings compared to the $1,956/month charged for our smallest dedicated production SLA tier Cadence offering (i.e., the ProductionStarter option for Packaged Solution) 

Using Instaclustr’s Production Shared Infrastructure offering for Cadence provides several advantages over self-hosted Cadence services: 

  • Reliable Operations: 99.95% availability SLAs for Cadence operations, monitored by synthetic transactions, including Cadence and underlying data infrastructure components.
  • Full Feature Access: Utilize the complete range of Cadence features, such as Advanced Visibility, Cadence Archival, and the Cadence HTTP API. 
  • Expert Support: Benefit from continuous monitoring and expert support available 24 x 7 x 365. 
  • Certified Security: Our infrastructure is SOC 2 certified, ensuring top-tier security. 

Instaclustr’s Production Shared Infrastructure offering for Cadence is available now on Instaclustr’s Managed Platform. Sign up today and try it out!