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General Availability of PostgreSQL® Major Release 15.1 (preview) and Minor Versions 14.6 and 13.9

Instaclustr is pleased to announce the availability of the new PostgreSQL® major release 15.1 and minor releases 14.6 and 13.9 on the Instaclustr managed platform.  

PostgreSQL is the world’s most advanced open source, object-relational database system. Instaclustr is a leading provider of open source data solutions, helping customers avoid the risks of vendor lock-in and unsupported software. Instaclustr’s PostgreSQL managed platform is open source that’s really open source! 

Version 15 contains a number of changes that may affect compatibility with previous releases. Observe the following incompatibilities: 

  • Remove PUBLIC creation permission on the public schema 
  • The new default is one of the secure schema usage patterns that Section 5.9.6 has recommended since the security release for CVE-2018-1058. This change applies to new database clusters and to newly-created databases in existing clusters. Upgrading a cluster or restoring a database dump will preserve PUBLIC’s existing permissions. 
  • For existing databases, especially those having multiple users, consider revoking CREATE permission on the public schema to adopt this new default. For new databases having no need to defend against insider threats, granting CREATE permission will yield the behavior of prior releases. 
  • Change the owner of the public schema to be the new pg_database_owner role. This allows each database owner to have ownership privileges on the public schema within their database. Previously, it was owned by the bootstrap superuser and therefore non-superuser database owners could not do anything with it. 
  • This change applies to new database clusters and to newly-created databases in existing clusters. Upgrading a cluster or restoring a database dump will preserve PUBLIC’s existing ownership specification. 

More information is available at the PostgreSQL 15 release documentation  

Customers can treat the minor releases as a “drop-in” replacement, functionally compatible with the previous minor versions. In particular, the following fixes are especially important for our customers and PostgreSQL users in general: 

  1. Fix for updatable views for INSERT statements that include multi-row VALUES clauses with a DEFAULT set. 
  2. Disallow rules named _RETURN that are not ON SELECT rules 
  3. Fix for construction of per-partition foreign key constraints while doing ALTER TABLE … ATTACH PARTITION, where previously incorrect or duplicate constraints could be built. 
  4. Updates time zone data files to use data release 2022. This includes DST law changes in Chile, Fiji, Iran, Jordan, Mexico, Palestine and Syria, plus historical corrections for Chile, Crimea, Iran and Mexico. 

The release is also the last update for PostgreSQL 10 which will not be supported going forward. Instaclustr customers managing their own PostgreSQL 10 cluster who need help planning their PostgreSQL upgrade can contact Instaclustr Support.  As with all PostgreSQL releases, there is more information available in the official PostgreSQL release notes, as well as in the release notes for each version of the documentation.  

For customers wanting to experience a PostgreSQL cluster on the Instaclustr managed platform, you can sign up and create a PostgreSQL cluster with these new versions on a free trial 

For customers who are running PostgreSQL on the managed platform, our Technical Operations team will reach out shortly to schedule a time to upgrade your clusters to the latest minor version. If you would like to upgrade to a new major version, or have any questions, please reach out to our Support team 

Happy upgrading! 

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