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Instaclustr Introduces Sign In With Google and GitHub, Improved Search, and Better Monitoring

It has been a busy period since the initial launch of Console 2.0, our new-and-improved console experience on the Instaclustr SaaS Platform. Our team has been working hard on a few new features that will improve the way users can access Console as well as improve their productivity while using it.

Our first major improvement is Sign In (and Sign Up) with Google. This new feature allows users to sign up with us using their Google account. This is a quick and easy process that only requires a few clicks to get signed up for Instaclustr’s services. Users can then sign in using Google, giving them ownership of their account details like email and password.

We’ve also added the ability to sign up using GitHub. Our users are already likely to have a GitHub account, so we’ve made it easier to manage both their code and infrastructure with a single username.

Most of our Instaclustr accounts can have a combination of Instaclustr users and either GitHub or Google users, so access can progressively be updated over time if a customer wishes to start using these as their primary login provider. 

An existing user can also migrate from an Instaclustr sign in to Google Sign In if they would prefer to sign in with Google but don’t want to lose their existing Instaclustr user profile. Note that migration of an existing Instaclustr user to GitHub Sign In isn’t possible, but customers can invite a new user with GitHub Sign In to their account and use that as a replacement.

The next major update is an improvement to our cluster search functionality. We now have an advanced search function, allowing users to search through clusters by name, id, description, and application type. This creates far better granularity for accounts with a large number of running clusters. For accounts using AWS as the infrastructure provider, accounts can now also be searched by AWS tag (tag support for GCP and Azure is also in the works).

There have also been a few quality-of-life updates completed since launch. 

The monitoring page now allows for filtering by data center, which is great for large distributed clusters. This will help to identify if a particular region is experiencing problems, or if load needs to be better spread between different data centers.

Backups can now be sorted to more easily identify the correct backup for restore.

Cluster resize functionality now provides an improved feedback page to indicate the resize status through the course of the operation.

For our customers with PCI-compliant accounts, the account can be configured to only allow the creation of PCI clusters. This will help those customers using PCI to ensure that there is no way to accidentally create non-compliant clusters.

We’re continuing to add Console functionality and look forward to your feedback on the improved feature set. If you’re a current customer, you can explore these new features by logging in to the Console here.

Or if you’re not yet an Instaclustr customer, you can sign up for a free trial (no credit card required). 

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