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Instaclustr Releases Managed Cadence for Public Preview

Instaclustr is pleased to announce the release of Managed Cadence, the first fully hosted and managed offering of the Cadence workflow engine on the market, for Public Preview. Cadence is a stateful programming system that simplifies building scalable, distributed applications and workflows.

Cadence Workflow Engine

The Cadence workflow engine is a service and programming framework that simplifies the development and operations of workflow-style business logic. By reconstituting the application state following a hardware or software failure, Cadence allows the creation of applications that are truly fault-oblivious. Cadence can scale horizontally to support millions of workflows at a time and delivers high reliability through asynchronous history and event replication. Originally developed by Uber, Cadence is a fully open source, community-driven project available under the MIT licence.

Since Cadence is a fairly new technology for managing workflows across distributed systems, it can be difficult to hire and retain expert staff to manage it internally.  Instaclustr Managed Cadence allows you to remove the burden of managing the Cadence workflow engine and related technologies from your team. You get a production-ready and fully supported Cadence environment, including all supporting data services, up and running in minutes. This maximizes the benefits of the Cadence workflow engine by allowing you to focus on your business logic while Instaclustr Managed Cadence takes care of your infrastructure for reliability and scale.

Instaclustr Managed Cadence

Instaclustr brings a proven capability for operating distributed technologies at the highest levels of scale and reliability to our Managed Cadence offering. Since Cadence relies on having technology such as Apache Cassandra® for a persistent data store, Instaclustr is uniquely able to help organizations manage not only the Cadence workflow engine but also the adjacent technologies required. Instaclustr already operates the technologies on which Cadence depends (Apache Cassandra®, Apache Kafka®, and OpenSearch®) for numerous customers.

Instaclustr Managed Cadence Features

Instaclustr Managed Cadence includes all the features customers have come to expect from our other technologies on the Instaclustr SaaS Platform, including:

  • An easy-to-use management console and GUI for interacting with Cadence
    • Hosting on AWS, Azure or GCP
    • Core software bug fixes included
    • Single-tenant cluster by default
    • Terraform-based provisioning
    • Provisioning and Monitoring APIs
    • Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, and OpenSearch dependencies automatically provisioned and configured
    • SLA to be agreed in a joint testing plan with customers. 99.9% availability is expected by time of General Availability
    • Private Network Clusters available
    • VPC peering available
    • 24×7 expert coverage with guaranteed 15 min response time
    • 100% open source under the terms of the MIT license

Most features are available now with further incremental feature releases planned between now and a General Availability (GA) release in early 2022. To get started with Managed Cadence, reach out to our Sales team today!