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General Availability of Instaclustr for Redis™

Instaclustr is pleased to announce the general availability of our managed Redis offering, Instaclustr for Redis™*, on the Instaclustr Managed Platform. After passing through our enterprise and security testing Redis has additionally been put through its paces in our the public preview. In the lead up to today’s general availability we have enriched our monitoring features, ease of use, and configuration options. Our technical operations teams have also been prepared to support the product at a level matching our industry leading SLAs. We are now offering Redis at the same standards of reliability and support that Instaclustr is famous for with our Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka and Elasticsearch offerings.

Instaclustr for Redis uses the industry leading in-memory database: Redis. As with all of Instaclustr’s offerings it is fully open source, free of proprietary extensions or vendor lock-in. With this service you can obtain the low latency speed of a scalable in-memory database with cluster configuration, deployment, support, and upgrades handled by Instaclustr. This management allows you to focus on your applications and deliver value to your end users. You can find out more about Instaclustr for Redis on our product page.

Key features and capabilities of Instaclustr for Redis:

  • Click to deploy a cluster on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform
  • Run in your own cloud account (RIYOA), or run in Instaclustr’s account (RIIA) across all service providers
  • SOC 2 compliance, and Instaclustr security monitoring
  • Access Control Lists to provide granular control for your Redis clients
  • Access to monitoring metrics via our API or console.
  • Enhanced monitoring, including slot level metrics
  • Disk persistence for warm cache restarts
  • Daily backups of your data (currently AWS only with other providers coming soon)
  • Our Terraform provider now supports Instaclustr for Redis
  • Horizontal scaling which allows customers to add nodes to a Redis cluster
  • Continuous monitoring and alerting including synthetic transaction monitoring
  • Production-ready Redis clusters with SLAs up to 99.99% availability (for more details on Instaclustr for Redis see our availability SLAs)
  • 24×7 comprehensive support from our Technical Operations team

Create a test Redis cluster via our free trial, or get in touch with our team

If you are still considering whether in-memory solutions are for you, read our white paper on the benefits of low latency solutions.