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NetApp Customer Initiated Resize With GCP and Azure on Instaclustr for Apache Cassandra®

Customer Initiated Resize Vertical Scaling with GCP and Azure is now available with Apache Cassandra® on the Instaclustr Managed Platform 

NetApp has released a feature for GCP and Azure cloud providers with Apache Cassandra® that allows Instaclustr customers to add more disk space or scale up and down processing capacity on-demand, without downtime to their services, and without the intervention of Instaclustr Support. This is known as Customer Initiated Resize and can be performed through the Instaclustr Console or API.  

Adding and removing processing capacity and disk space are core services that Instaclustr has performed regularly, but the Customer Initiated Resize feature has created an on-demand self-service option for customers to scale up and scale down. Customer Initiated Resize Vertical Scaling is already supported on the AWS cloud provider with Cassandra clusters on the Instaclustr Managed Platform and adds to existing Customer Initiated Resize features on Instaclustr for Apache Kafka®, OpenSearch®, and Redis™ for greater on-demand functionality for our customers without the support overhead. Read here for guidance on how to take charge of resizing your Cassandra cluster on demand with the power of Customer Initiated Resize. For Run In Instaclustr Account (RIIA) customers and Run In Your Own Account (RIYOA) customers price changes for differences in CPU core count, memory quota, and total monthly price are listed on the console. RIYOA customers should also seek information from your cloud provider to understand infrastructure charges before scaling your clusters.  

Instaclustr for Cassandra is working on adding Customer Initiated Resize support for Horizontal Scaling, or scaling out, to add more of the same size nodes to your cluster due to increased usage of their application or an increase in data workload. For example, scaling a 6-node cluster up to a 9-node cluster. More details to come! To discover more about Horizontal and Vertical Scaling strategies, read the Instaclustr Blog post ‘Horizontal vs. Vertical Scaling: Which Scaling Strategy Is Right For Me?. 

Customer Initiated Resize offers these key features: 

  • Easy access to increase and decrease processing capacity at your discretion with vertical scaling. 
  • Safety checks are conducted as a prerequisite to the scaling operation. 
  • Any-to-any resizing and scaling nodes without downtime or data loss during the process. 
  • On-demand access to scaling operations without intervention by Instaclustr with health checks to monitor our safe scaling operations. 
  • Customer Initiated Resize supports migrating from Intel to AWS Graviton based nodes. 
  • Flexible resize methods with Instaclustr Console or API. 
  • Full documentation for customers on support portal. 

Get started with Customer Initiated Resize for your Cassandra clusters with the Instaclustr Console or API today!