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New Instaclustr Offering for Cadence Developers

Instaclustr is pleased to announce the Public Preview of a new, lower priced offering to support developers getting started with Cadence. Originally developed and open sourced by Uber, Cadence is a workflow engine that greatly simplifies the development of complex long-running automated business processes at scale. The solution is particularly suited for use in microservice-based architectures where multiple service calls must be coordinated over time to achieve a business outcome. Due to its unique capabilities, Cadence is rapidly gaining popularity with developers.

Instaclustr’s new Development Shared Infrastructure offering for Cadence allows developers to, within a few minutes, provision all required Cadence services on a single, dedicated node to begin their development and testing. The Cadence node connects to Cassandra®, Kafka®, and OpenSearch® clusters that may be shared across multiple customers, each with a segregated data environment in these back-end services.

This Cadence environment provides all standard Cadence features, including Advanced Visibility without the complication and expense of running multiple clusters to support the Cadence service. The environment is then managed and supported by Instaclustr according to our development environment SLAs. The Shared Infrastructure configuration is not supported for production usage, but provides a great development environment for use in conjunction with Instaclutr’s production-ready Cadence offerings. In Public Preview, it is not yet considered SOC 2 compliant but our intention is to achieve SOC 2 compliance for General Availability release.

Our Cadence Development Shared Infrastructure offering is currently available in AWS us-east-1 region at a cost of $133/month (pro-rated if not run for a full month) that includes- support and all AWS charges for both the Cadence node and back-end services. This compares to $523/month for our smallest dedicated Cadence offering. It is also eligible for use during Instaclustr’s 30-day free trial.

Using Instaclustr’s Managed Platform for Cadence development and testing provides several advantages for developers over a local laptop install:

  • Access to a full range of Cadence features, including Advanced Visibility
  • Easy access to monitoring and Cadence Web functionality via Instaclustr’s console
  • Gets you started with Instaclustr’s free trial credits
  • Ability to share the environment across multiple developers
  • Closely mirrors the setup of Instaclustr’s production grade Cadence setup, including provisioning management through Instaclustr’s Terraform provider (coming soon) and API, and usage of standard Cassandra, Kafka, and OpenSearch clusters
  • Offers access to Instaclustr’s Support team for environment management and other assistance

We’re very excited to be able to lower the barriers to entry for people wanting to get started with Cadence. It’s a fantastic technology that developers love but quite operationally complex to set up and run. This new offering, combined with our existing production-ready offerings, means that dev can start using Cadence without having to give a second thought to how they are going to operate their Cadence architecture for production—it’s taken care of. 

Ben Slater, Chief Product Officer, Instaclustr

Instaclustr’s Development Shared Infrastructure offering for Cadence is available in Public Preview now on Instaclustr’s Managed Platform. Sign up today to try it out with a free trial.