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NetApp Has Released OpenSearch 2.9.0 to General Availability on the Instaclustr Managed Platform

OpenSearch® version 2.9.0 has now been released on the Instaclustr Managed Platform. This new version includes a number of exciting updates we’d like to tell you about.  

OpenSearch customers can now create alerts and anomaly detectors directly through OpenSearch Dashboards. You can also see these alerts and anomalies overlaid on your dashboard graphs. This streamlines the process of creating and managing alerts for your OpenSearch cluster, as well as revealing new insights about your data through visualizations on your dashboards. Find out more about this feature in the release notes here.  

Another feature of note is the general availability release of search pipelines. Setting up a search pipeline allows you to pre-process search requests and post-process search results before sending them back to the application. This means you can move more of the complexity of search processing into your OpenSearch cluster and out of your application. You can find out more about search pipelines here 

 OpenSearch 2.9.0 also introduces composite monitors. Composite monitors allow you to set up sequences of multiple monitors to send a chain of alerts. This allows you to establish relationships between monitors and alerts in meaningful ways. For example, you could set up an alert that triggers when multiple monitors identify a particular condition. This helps simplify multiple alerts into a single alert that can provide more context or reduce the noise of multiple single alerts. Find out more about composite monitors here.   

This latest release of OpenSearch also features a slew of performance and functionality enhancements. These updates include updates to k-NN, better support for machine learning workloads and enhanced visualization through OpenSearch Dashboards. To see the full list of updates, check the release notes here.  

Customers of the Instaclustr Managed Platform can begin deploying OpenSearch 2.9.0 on new clusters through the Console, API, or Terraform from today. For existing clusters, customers can contact our Support team to upgrade at [email protected]. For new customers, you can spin up an OpenSearch cluster for free through our customer console now.  

If you have any questions about this update or OpenSearch in general, please contact our friendly team at any time.